Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Animal Jam Pet Peeves

Hey Jammers! :) Naffy here! Today I thought it would be fun to make a list my biggest Animal Jam pet peeves. I know we all have some, considering the majority of us play Animal Jam.

Let's get right to it!

1. When people ONLY buddy for fame or rares.
2. When people constantly ask ''what for ___?'' even though you've repeatedly said that item is NFT (not for trade).
3. When people start rumors about rares (hoax rares).
4. When people overuse faces like ''o3o, XDDDD, :333", etc.
5. When people quit Animal Jam and come back like the next day. :/
7. When people brag about rares.
8. Scammers.
9. Hackers.
10. Impostors.
11. When people send me Jam-A-Grams asking for items.
12. ''This room is full. Please try again.''
13. When you try to follow someone but they're in a locked den.
14. ''Your message was blocked because it may not be appropriate.''
15. Troll trades.
16. When you get spammed with Jam-A-Grams.
17. When you get spammed with flash trades.
18. When people fight over who is better: Non-Members or Members.
19. ''say I if ur a hot boy''
20. When people sit or stand on you, even if on their screen they're actually quite a ways away from you.
21. When the Jamaa Journal has barely any hot-off-the-grill news.
22. When new animals are always in the Diamond Shop and Members-only.
23. When people copy other peoples' ideas for videos or posts or whatever.
24. When people misuse the term ''beta''.
25. When people start randomly roleplaying in front of you.
26. When your inventory is full.
27. Rude people.
28. When people report you for stupid reasons like not accepting a buddy request or a trade.
29. When people say fman122 is back.
30. Fake giveaways.
31. When people use ''MY DAD OWNS ANIMAL JAM'' as an excuse or comeback in an argument.
32. When people believe false myths/rumors.
33. Extremely passionate ''adopters''. BE MY KID OR I WILL KILL YOU!11!1!1!11!!!

There's plenty more pet peeves I could come up with, but those are just the ones that were on the tip of my tongue at the time.

Comment some of your biggest AJ pet peeves! I'd like to see what you guys think. :D

Thanks for reading, bye bye!


  1. The non member vs member debate is a very sensitive topic for me, and the fake giveaways OMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Pinpun (The Animal Jam Sage)

  2. My biggest AJ pet peeve is definitely the beta thing. Like, when people think beta means rare. Beta means testing stage. WHY DO PEOPLE TRADE TESTING STAGES? I prefer when people say "trade me beta items" because then they are essentially saying about an item FROM beta, rather then the word beta itself.

  3. is bay be dragin, last uf itz kynd, adept MEMBURS ONLI!!!!!!!


  4. My biggest aj pet peeve is when you go to q buddy and say hi and they are talking to someone else and just ignore you

  5. About the people saying fman is back. I had a dream last night that I saw fman in Crystal Sands, so in the dream I freaked out and was trading all my good stuff onto my storage account, until I woke up and I was like, wait a second........
    my blog is at please check it out!

  6. Oh by the way Nafaria, I was the second place winner of the 650k contest but I never received my gifts. I know you're really busy and stuff these days so there is no need to apologize :3

  7. Ugh yes! I can relate to most of these. :')

  8. "When people misuse the term 'beta'."
    In the rare poop comic:
    "OMG I AM SO BETA!!!!1111!!1111!!1!!1!!"

  9. Lol these are all so true. One that oddly happens very often to me is having someone come to your den asking for you to trade them and then their buddies follow them to my den and they start having a conversation in my den. Then I'll be like 'um heyyy who are all of you?" and they just ignore me. Like sometimes other people's drama goes down in my den and it happens all the time.

  10. a beta is an item from the beta days right?


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