Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 182: Pet Phantoms

Hi Jammers! IT'S AN UPDATE DAY! Yay! :D Let's see what this update has in store for us.

PET PHANTOMS ARE HERE!!! :O I have wanted pet phantoms for SUCH a long time! They're so squishy and cute!

It is kind of weird that our enemies can be our pets now, but...

The Epic Haunted Manor den is back, as well as my favorite seasonal adventure, Bitter Sweets! :D

The Hidden Falls is available for all Jammers now, but technically you need either a wolf or a tiger to play it!

Much like adventure invites and buddy game invites, now multiplayer mini-game invites will appear as little bubbles. Pretty helpful.


But WHY did you add the word ''kawaii'' and ''swaggy'' to the pool of names, AJHQ!? WHYYY!!?? >.<

On a much brighter note, the PHANTOM VORTEX IS BACK!

Speaking of which, here is this year's Phantom Vortex prize:

Also, we got more pet names, but this wasn't mentioned anywhere in the Jamaa Journal.

Snow leopards will soon be leaving, but polar bears will soon be returning!

The Haunted Forest Party is back, and World Animal Day is October 4th.

I didn't bother taking a picture of the last page because it was just a simple advertisement for the AJ toys.

Welp, I'm off to go play some Bitter Sweets now; adios!


  1. They probably added Kawaii for WisteriaMoon and Swaggy for Aparri.

    1. That's what's cringy about it. >_<

    2. Yes! >_< EXACTLY!! You GET me, Nafaria9.

      XD Okay, okay. As much as I have this "thing" about famous Jammers, I realize that I should not be criticizing everything they do. (Just most of it. ;P Kidding!)

      HQ likely added those names for the Jammers who wished to be "cute" or "cool". (That is what swag means, right? Need to get a kid slang dictionary. CX)


    3. They also added Rad for Wisteria and Bean for Julian2 but honestly Rad and Bean are the best words in the English language. They still didn't add Crafty though x.x


  2. You made that right in my den. THAT IS WHY YOU WERE IGNORING ME!!


    Phantoms are only for a limited time, darn. Luckily I have good friends, and Karalee gave me one! His favorite food is, COMFORT?!? WHY GOOD PHANTOM WHY!

    1. I don't believe that's a bad thing.

      There is not much comfort, laughter, or cheer in the Phantom prisons, so how do they live there? I believe that Phantoms do not "suck up" emotions, draining them for sustenance, but rather, they thrive on seeing/experiencing/sensing the emotions of others.

      Jamaa is full of laughing, joyful Jammers, and Pet Phantoms will never go hungry. A theory of mine is that the evil Phantoms thrive on negative emotions, like anger and fear, and the ones that wished to change desire to feed on positive ones, and have come to live with us.

      Pet Phantoms also eat physical things, like Gems. (One of my two, Enigmaphantom, has a taste for hamburgers. :l That could just be part of his mysterious, complicated personality, though.)

      Ooh... my foot's gone to sleep. *shifts to reinstate circulation* Jam On, peeps! *foot starts tingling* Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow....


  4. My favourite thing in the update is I can now be named

    1. Legit ArtisticBean (my new main animal name XD)
    2. Rad CoolBean.

    As soon as I saw the cool bean option I freaked out.

    Ok, now lets get into it :P
    1. YAS PET SPOOPY GLOOPS. I named mine SquishyEgg XD
    2. Ehhh
    3. Yay I guess
    4. I don't care
    5. *That "are you ready for a miracle" julian2 music starts playing* AHHAHHAHAH

    Ok, I screamed when I saw artist. I screamed when I saw rad. But when I saw bean I freaked out and scared my dog. But honestly to be named CoolBean has always been my AJ life goal. But why didn't they add spicy? I wanna be SPICY COOLBEAN!1!1
    Rest of update-idk.

    I'm still waiting for my crafty prefix, AJ. If you can add Rad and Kawaii for the moonster, Swaggy for Aparri and Bean for bean king, can you please add crafty for your lonely Kraft. Please. I beg of you.

    Anyway over and out



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