Friday, September 29, 2017

Update Post by Loveminecraft1024

*Note: I am not necessarily going on a hiatus or break or whatever you want to call it, however, I will stop doing daily posts. With that being said, a good, generous friend of mine wrote this little update review post for me, so enjoy!*

Hi Jammers! I'm loveminecraft1024 and I am going to be writing some posts for Nafaria while she is on her break. I have a blog, too- you can check it out at 
Today, I am going to be reviewing the new Night of The Phantoms Update! Let's begin.

First of all, pet phantoms are back for another year in hopes of being adopted! They will only be available this ThursdayFridaySaturday, and Sunday, so get yours while you can!

The next page says that the Night of The Phantoms is here and to get ready this whole month for everything silly and spooky, plus to be on the lookout for all the items, pets, dens, and adventures during this autumn!

The next pages talks about the ancient lines of power that have flowed deep beneath Jamaa and are emerging all over Jamaa Township! Many jammers think the apperance of these are related to the discovery of the forgotten archives, the eclipse, and other strange events. I think the power lines have something to do with the phantoms, and Halloween. 

The next two pages talk about the adventure Bitter Sweets, Spooky Armor, and the Epic Haunted Manor, which you can get now. I remember these things from last year, though the Spooky Armor is new.

The fun Phantom Vortex game is back, and so are pet tarantulas!

The Haunted Forest Party has returned, and World Animal Day is coming up! I will be at camp on October 4th, so I will miss it :(

Eagles are coming back soon, and lynxes are soon traveling, so get one while you can!

The final page is about Animal Jam Costumes. These look super cute (Nafaria made a post about them about a month ago) but I still don't know if I would want to be one. My sister might be the bunny :3

That concludes my Night of The Phantoms update post. That's the whip!


  1. I noticed the phantom page is basically the same as it was last year XD (the pet phantom one)

  2. Hey Naffy! I really wanna start a blog but.... I have a problem! my computer won't let me save images! Do you have any advice?

    1. That's so weird! I don't know how to fix that problem, but if I come across something that might be helpful to you, I will let you know.

    2. Thanks! :D I actually found some websites that give me free photos, it's definitely better than not having any though, so I can put a background.


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