Saturday, September 16, 2017

Secret Item in Bounce House Den + Golden Egg Mystery

Hey Jammers! I'm sure you already know what this post is going to be about because of the title, but today I wanted to show you how you can get your very own maple leaf spinner item that is hidden in AJHQ's customized Bounce House den!

You can enter the den by clicking on the big blue button at the top of the Epic Dens list. Once you've done that, explore a bit until you find a wind spinner shaped like a maple leaf. Click on it, and a secret shop will open up, where you can now purchase the item!

The best part is that it's for all Jammers! Hooray!

In other news, have you guys ever noticed that there's a some sort of a bird engraved on the golden egg item? I believe you can obtain it through one of the spring seasonal adventures.

To me, it looks almost exactly like Mira, with the long neck, large, widespread wings, and the little crown on the top of its head. Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for reading. Have a great rest of your Saturday! Enjoy the weekend while you can. :P

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  1. I don't think actually realized that about the egg. Cool!

  2. Hm, I never noticed that before! Good eye!

  3. Ok, so I think I have officially lost my mind! When I read the part about the leaf spinner, I thought that it said fidget spinner lol.


    1. Hahaha. The fidget spinner trend lives in the eyes of Glittergal.

  4. So um hey there!

    I made a new blog, and the first post explains everything that happened.

    1. Ooooh! Hey Henry! I'll be sure to check out your new blog ASAP.

  5. Bye nafaria. I think I might be quitting. If I decide to stay which is very unlike;y I will let you know. I have not been commenting because I have not had much to do with aj lately.


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