Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Favorite Animal Jam Den Items for Fall

Hey Jammers!

The first day of fall was several days ago. Besides flu season, autumn is always a great time of year - chilly weather, colorful leaves, hot chocolate, sweaters, Halloween, Thanksgiving, you name it!

Now that fall is here, Jammers everywhere are preparing their dens for the season, with all kinds of different furniture and decorations that give you that warm, cozy feeling inside. Here are a few of my favorite items that look great in fall-themed dens!

You can't have fall without leaf piles, of course! This has and will always be one of the best items for fall in my opinion.

Scented candles are one of the most popular items in all of Jamaa, regardless of what season it is in the year. Although they are wonderful decorations all year round, fall is definitely the best.

This little chest from Graham's Workshop is so cute that it works perfect in almost any den (especially fall dens). Speaking of Graham's Workshop, that Adventure has a lot of great items that work perfectly in autumn-themed dens!

Stitched rugs have the perfect combination of fall colors, perfect for any den during these three months. ^-^

Epic Seasonal Trees change with the seasons, and they look absolutely gorgeous in the fall. Red, orange, and yellow seasonal trees are also awesome, but I believe you can only get them through the den tutorial when you first make a new account. I wonder why they're not back in the regular Jam Mart Furniture yet. Ugh.

This fancy fireplace, or any fireplace for that matter, adds a feeling of warmth to any den.

Although these plants have only been released for about a year or two, fall shrubs are one of my favorite nature items right now. They come in a variety of colors for fall and spring/summer. These won't be around for long, so stock up while you can!

What are some of your favorite fall den items? :)

That's the whip!


  1. I have all of those except for the Graham's Workshop Chest in my seasonal den! I think my den is set to my autumn one right now. If anyone wants to check it out, I'm Germangenius03!
    My den might be set to my spooky den, but if it is.. well, I still really like it :)
    Hopefully it's unlocked!

  2. If you put one of the apple candles inside of an oven from Outback Imports so that it's covering up the candle, it looks like you're baking apple pie.

    1. ooooh I'm gonna have to try that

    2. Yeah, you can do it behind teapots too! It makes it look like there's steam coming out ^-^

  3. Ooh, fall! I love all the den items from fall! When I first joined AJ, the scented candle was one of the items that caught my eye. I was able to buy all of them when a got membership later! They're really nice for restaurants and parties too. I love the fall shrubs because they're non-member and are really aesthetically pleasing. I used to have all the colors of it. Or maybe I still do... The last one of these I have is the Epic Wonders Tree. It's one of may favorite den items! I love how it looks in fall and spring! I absolutely love it. I love all the fall den items, like I said!


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