Monday, September 25, 2017

AJ Pillow Pet Promo Gifts

Hey Jammers!

 As many of you may know, the Animal Jam Pillow Pets are now officially available for purchase on Amazon. Since nearly every single piece of Animal Jam merchandise out there comes with a promo code, I've being wondering what virtual prize the Pillow Pet codes give.

However, I've no longer needed to wonder, because Shopking recently made a video review on the AJ Pillow Pets, and revealed what the secret promo gift is for each of them - virtual Pillow Pets for your den!

They're all so cute! I personally think the lynx looks more like a monkey, but the lynxes in general had bad designs to begin with, so... yeah. :P

That's the whip!


  1. When Naffy low-key insulted lynxes...

  2. I kinda think the lynx looks like a hamster or something. XD

  3. Honestly I think that kinda makes the lynx look cute. My favorite one is probably the fox kit though, probably because I immediately thought of Warriors when I saw the name lol.


  4. AWW I want these so bad they are ADORABLEEEEEEE

  5. .Dies of cuteness. AAHHH THEY ARE SO CUTE! My favorite was immediately Kit because she's a fox and she's really cute. I love all of them, although I agree with you on the lynx, Naffy. It kinda looks like a hamster to me though. Still, awwww! I need these in my life. NOW.

  6. *faints* I want kit shes the cutest thing ever!!! bepperon ajpw has the pink bunny

  7. I really really want one anyone willing to trade me? My animal jam name is

  8. Is there a code for them? I'm dying to get my paws on one!

  9. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE can ppl plzzzzz tell me the code for the kit its mah dream item :(


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