Friday, September 15, 2017

The Forgotten Archive

Hi Jammers! Yesterday, there was an update in Jamaa, so let's check it out!

For whatever reason, the solar eclipse caused the Zios Statue to ''revive'', and now a secret staircase leading to a mysterious, ancient room has been opened called the Forgotten Archive.

Here are some pictures of this new area that Jammers can now explore:

The Forgotten Relics is an all-new shop selling Mira and Zios themed items. I think I like the arm bands the most.

Scattered throughout the room are these strange little excerpts from different books and journals. I wonder what they mean... any theories?

This is probably my favorite part about the place. See these three portals? Currently, we do not have access to them, but do you guys have ideas or thoughts on what these portals could lead to? New adventures dealing with Zios, perhaps?

Goats have returned. Eh, nothing too important, unless you've been really wanting a goat for a long time.

Pet scorpions? That was, uh, a bit out of the blue. I wonder what scorpions would look like in Animal Jam as real animals, not just pets.

The Bounce House is back! Yay!

This is probably the second best part of the update, the first being the unveiling of the Forgotten Archive. I am so happy that NM's get to use rhinos! Now all they need is more animal inventory slots.

There's a new exhibit at the Conservation Museum, all about the hard work some animals do.

Just an old reminder about the falcon bundle special going on right now with membership cards.

Ooh... this is interesting. Apparently, each time you redeem a code from one of the Eclipse Adopt-a-Pet toys, you unlock a piece of rare eclipse armor, which I assume is just like the Diamond Shop version, but in different colors. Still, that's pretty neat! If only I could find some Eclipse Adopt-a-Pet toys at my local Target. >.<

Well, that's all for today, folks! What would you rate this update out of five stars? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. Bye!


  1. :O That's finally a worthy update!! .......... Still not popping in for a visit :/

    I think that the Archive was open to all jammers, but when phantoms came, they sealed it to protect some secrets that phantoms never know...........

    Okay, that was a horrible theory, but oh well :P


    1. Nah, it was actually pretty interesting! Before all of this, I used to think the area where the Forgotten Archive is now used to be a pit that Zios fell into which released a bunch of phantoms, but now I know that my theory was proven wrong. :P

  2. Hey naffy!! I wanna send you a Den-map-thing of the forgotten archives that i did yesterday.... I don't know how to send it to you though.. Nice post! :)


    1. Ooh, that sounds awesome! You can email it to me if you'd like. My address is :)


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