Sunday, September 24, 2017

Old Animal Jam Blogs that Inspired Me

Hi there!

If you're an Animal Jam blogger, chances are you've been inspired by other blogs to create your own. Chances are you've not only been inspired to start your blogging journey, but you've also been influenced by others and their ideas.

I am one of the people that has been inspired by other Animal Jam bloggers and their work to do what I do today, so I thought it would be fun to share with you some of these bloggers and their blogs and how they shaped me as a blogger. Goodness gracious... so many ''blogs'' and ''bloggers'' in that long sentence!

Anyways, let's begin!

1. Animal Jam Flash by Meloetta385/LoveLost/WitchHatBunny

Whatever you remember her by, Meloetta was one of my favorite Animal Jam bloggers. Her posts were very pleasurable and interesting. I never got bored of them. I even remember the day I became her friend... ahh, memories!

2. Animal Jam Insiders by Sheesh4

Sheesh4 was also another one of those bloggers whose posts were always enjoyable. Her personality is great, and her style of writing is fun to read. She was pretty popular back in 2011/2012, and came back for a little bit in 2015. She disappeared in November that year. Although she doesn't produce new content anymore, I still like to go back and read her old posts.

3. Jamaa's Written Truth by Goldfishypuppy (and others)

Jamaa's Written Truth is by far one of my top favorite Animal Jam blogs to date. Ever. The Lessons of Jamaa series is quite amazing. Anyone and everyone can take something out of or learn from at least one of those posts. They're just that awesome.

Obviously, these aren't all of the blogs that have inspired or helped me along my blogging journey. Animal Jam Soul and Star gives me inspiration on how to improve my blog's aesthetics, for example. The Animal Jam Spirit gave me a better understanding of Jamaa's lore and how to incorporate it in my content. And, of course, I can't forget all of YOU GUYS! Your blogs are all wonderful and I read them as often as possible.

So, the question I have for you is: who has inspired you to become an Animal Jam blogger? I think it all depends on when you joined Animal Jam and how long you've been in the community, but even blogs from way back then still have the power to inspire and encourage others to create blogs of their own.

Thanks for reading, Jammers! See you next time!


  1. I remember all those blogs, and more! There was a point when I was subscribed to like 70 different AJ blogs, mostly popular. I still am, technically– it's just that most of those people quit XD

    I think the main thing that inspired me to blog was my friend's AJ blog back in mid-2012. It's gone now, but seeing it got me really excited about blogging!

    I think we both were inspired by Animal Jam Flash. I remember on the day I started my blog Meloetta (then LoveLost) gave me a shoutout and I got around 200 views in one night! I was so excited, hehe


    1. That's super duper cool! I loved the time back when blogging was the norm of the AJ community. Memories.

  2. I will check these other blogs out!! Also, Sweets was inspired by YOU and has decided to try to start an AJ blog. Seems like she'll be putting you into one these kind of posts ;) - Cookies

  3. I will check these other blogs out!! Also, Sweets was inspired by YOU and has decided to try to start an AJ blog. Seems like she'll be putting you into one these kind of posts ;) - Cookies

  4. All the AJ blogs I read inspire me all the time. Just reading their posts gets me fired up about my own blog. <3

  5. Also, could I make your Captain Silly bird story into like a movie? I'd give you credit if I ever post it - Cookies

    1. Ooh! That sounds like a great idea! I say go for it, and credit would be nice. ^.^

  6. YOU inspired me to become an Animal Jam blogger :)


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