Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Mysterious Lines of Power Have Been Here All Along

Hey Jammers! Nafaria here! Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip, and happy first day of October! :)

Today, we're going to be talking about the peculiar lines of power that have been spotted running throughout the land of Jamaa. Ever since the solar eclipse, weird things have been happening, including the Zios statue ''reviving'' itself, and the Forgotten Archives being unlocked and available for exploration. Now, just with the most recent update, strange, blue lines carrying an ancient power source have suddenly appeared, but before we get into that, we have a few other items of business to cover.


It's all of the AJ Bloggers! I don't know how I didn't see this earlier (perhaps I did, but just had a huge brain fart and don't remember it), but nonetheless, it's BEAUTIFUL! Great job, Sarah!

Aaaaand the secret item found in AJHQ's customized Epic Haunted Manor den is the Spider Trampoline! I believe it was about this time last year that AJHQ started this little trend of releasing secret items that can only be purchased by clicking on it in one of their pre-designed dens. Nice!

As you all know, there is a prize for beating level five of the Phantom Vortex game (I forgot what it's called... does it even have a specific name? Let me know!), and it changes every year. This year's prize is a Phantom Bones Archway! Tell me, what is your favorite Phantom Vortex game prize from all of the years? Mine has to be either the Phantom Scarecrow or the Phantom Statues.

Now that those things are covered, let's discuss those bizarre lines of power again. In the Forgotten Archives, there is a series of journal entries and excerpts from old books scattered around the room.

On the second floor, however, there is an interesting carving on the wall, which looks like some sort of map. When you click on it, one of those excerpts pops up, along with a picture of the carving.

This map must show where all of the lines of power run through Jamaa, and how they are all connected.

You may not realize it at first, but we've seen this map before. It's been around for a few years.

You can find it in the floor at the center of Greely's Hideout den!

(picture from a Google+ user; does not belong to me)

What could this mean? Does Greely have something to do with the lines of power? The excerpt mentioned how the lines of power could be used for both good and evil purposes. Is Greely trying to discover how to misuse the lines of power, or has he already found out how? Let me know what you guys come up with in the comments.

Thanks for reading. That's the whip!

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  1. Ahhhh, I love that art, Sarah made! ^.^

    OOOOOOOOO, I didn't even NOTICE! :O That's awesome! I'm so excited now. XD

    1. That was my same reaction when I found out about it! Haha!

  2. Qoooooh the spider trampoline looks so cool!

  3. Halloween is the best time of year!

  4. Whoa, I can't believe I missed that! Well.. maybe I can believe it. I'm nonmember and don't know anyone with a Greely's Hideout den XD

    Greely seems like the Alpha who does the most phantom-related magic, so maybe it makes sense that he has an emblem of the lines of power in his themed den. Hmm...


  5. Thank you so much for showing my art Naffy! :D Did I give you a copy yet? If I didn't let me know and I will give you one, XD

    Wow! I didn't notice that :o Great eye! I have a feeling Greely is good because AJHQ keeps trying to make it look like he's bad, but then he will be actually good.
    Did that make sense? XD What if you actually bounced on that trampoline :o THAT WOULD BE SO COOL XD

    1. You're welcome! And no, I don't believe you did, but you're totally okay. :P

  6. This is super cool! Also, when I saw the spider trampoline I was like, "I'm walking in the spiderwebs. Leave a message and I'll call you back" not sure if any of you guys have heard that song lol.


  7. Hey, my buddy (Forgivens) noticed the Greely's Hideout lines of power thing too! Oooh, and my favorite of all the Phantom Vortex prizes would be this year's.


  8. Personally, I liked the 2015 prize best. I've used it for a million dens. :D



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