Friday, October 13, 2017

Rest in Peace, Club Geoz

Hey Jammers! Happy Friday the 13th... mwahahaha...

Welcome to the Animal Jam Whip blog. I'm Naffy, and I'm both somewhat confused and upset.

Why, you may ask?

Because of THIS...

In case you haven't read the latest Jamaa Journal (which I assume isn't the case for most of you, so y'all probably already know what's going on), apparently the so-called lines of power flowing through Jamaa have somehow caused Club Geoz to topple over and collapse on itself; consequently, Club Geoz's doors have closed for good.

Umm... what!?! I am NOT OKAY with this!

Obviously the doors of Club Geoz haven't truly ''closed for good'... right!? AJHQ is probably just trying to scare us. Besides, they said the Alphas are busy investigating the incident, so all will soon be well because SMART, INTELLIGENT animals like PECK are trying to figure out what happened.

Okay, I was being a bit sarcastic there, but in all honestly, I really hope Club Geoz is restored to its former glory. I hope they don't remove it from the game completely, because while Club Geoz isn't the most popular place, it's still a great spot to host parties and just chill with your buddies.

I wouldn't mind it too much if Club Geoz was renovated, but only if slight changes were made. If there were to be a Club Geoz 2.0, I would hate for it to be completely different from the original.


I guess there's one good thing about this circumstance; when you click on the purple music note banner, a secret shop opens up, and you can buy a cool DJ headset. It's a bit expensive, but hey, it's for all Jammers!

Speaking of secret items, you can find these phantom stepping stones in the new AJHQ-designed Epic Haunted Manor den:

But wait... wasn't the last pre-customized den an Epic Haunted Manor as well? Hmm...

Also, while I was exploring that den, I noticed two small details.

WHY DOESN'T A WHITE TALL PHANTOM STATUE EXIST!?! It looks amazing! It reminds me of that glitched phantom-in-a-box item. I would really love to see one of these in stores someday.

Secondly, WHY DON'T PHANTOM VORTEX ITEMS EXIST!?! We've seen them before in a Daily Explorer post from long ago, so why can't they just be released? Although, now I that I think about it, that would surely defeat the whole purpose of the vortex - to be a special Night of the Phantoms tradition that only lasts during the holiday. Gosh, Nafaria, you're so stupid.

Anyways... what else was included in this update?

Oh yeah, not much.

Right after we got the announcement that Club Geoz had fallen, the Jamaa Journal told us that falcons have returned. I never even knew they left. Oops.

The next page is a little more interesting. There's a new item called the Phantomizer, and you can buy it in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds. Members only, by the way. If you put it in your den and walk under the purple goop, you turn into a phantom, similar to how you put on a phantom disguise for a short period of time in one of the Adventures. I forgot which one. Oops again.

Like the Adventure, the disguise only stays on while you are in your den. It's a shame it doesn't work outside of your den, though.

The fourth page is pretty bland. It announces the return of pet bats and the Spooky Party. The page after that is also boring, because it's literally just an advertisement for the new AJ Sticker App that debuted several weeks ago.

The next page, however, is a lot better.

Whenever you hear ''strange snapshot'' or ''peculiar picture'' or whatever in the Jamaa Journal, you know you're most likely going to have a hint to a new animal. This hint features four colorful tails hanging from a tree, as well as a hummingbird perched on a branch. Based on recent discoveries, I have concluded that the new animal is a red panda!

The last three pages of the newspaper are also kind of lame. There's a new retail gift card bonus bundle, and this time, it's arctic fox-themed. But wait... didn't we already have an arctic fox bundle? Wow, two in one day, guys! *sigh*

The last two pages just mention the Phantom Box and the fact that lynxes are now traveling. As we all know, when an animal in Jamaa returns from their unnecessary expeditions, another has to leave! Hooray!

I'm sorry if I'm being a little negative about the vast majority of the things included in the recent update, but... come on. You can't deny that it wasn't the best.

This post turned out to be a lot lengthier than I expected, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to express your thoughts on this week's Jamaa Journal in the comments. Vent your heart out. I clearly did so here.

Thanks for reading. Bye Jammers!


  1. I honestly think AJHQ KNEW people would get upset, and did this mostly so we got upset. However, I don't think they wanted to make us upset solely out of malice. I think this might have been to make the phantom-y stuff happening around Jamaa seem more serious. Also, it makes more people interested in Club Geoz again.

    My theory is that Club Geoz will be rebuilt, in whatever form, once this Lines of Power thing is over and we'll all have a huge dance party. Like you, I hope it keeps the same design.


    1. Good point, Doomy. I doubt AJHQ would remove Club Geoz completely, but I certainly don't want it to get a whole new makeover either.

  2. RIP Club Geoz and all it's memories. DX

  3. This means..
    GRR MIRA IS EVIL!!!!!!!

    1. WAAAAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(


      P.S :P Excuse my joking around, but seriously, RIP Club Geoz ;-;

  4. The adventure is probably Storming the Fortress. I saw Bepper, a famous Jammer, do the adventure, and at one point, she put on a phantom disguise, until it wore off. Plus, I got the Phantomizer, too! (I have my own blog, the link is

  5. i used to go to club geoz so much when i first joined i remembered how somewhere in the song it says "this dj is so funky man"

    1. YESSSS
      and the dj is STILL funky man
      the dj lives on

  6. honestly i hope they add a new diamond shop thing there that you can ONLY buy things with using a new currency that can ONLY be bought for real life money directly, and every new animal is there. honestly AJ needs more money, and selfish people like YOU nafaria dont give em' enough credit, theyre a small company and make VERY little money, you know. they put a LOT of work into these updates >: (((((

    1. Think about it for a moment, the facts:

      1. There are around more than 10 million players playing this game.
      2. On average, 75% percent of the players get membership.
      3. There are new accounts every second, so pretty much they are making plenty of money.

      If you think you are better than AJHQ, then feel free to make your own game, good luck.


    2. Challenge accepted, Naffy. Sword fight. My place, tomorrow, 6:00 PM. Gonna squash you like I squashed that AJ toy.

    3. alright, let's do this
      i've got my can opener, a jar of pineapple tidbits for when i get hungry, and my lightsaber

  7. I did a vid on this and I started crying because Club Geoz Was THE BEST.

  8. Hey Naffy, my blog just hit 100 000 pageviews! And I was wondering if I could do a contest similar to the one you did with your blog when it hit 1000 000 pageviews, this would be in addition to the couple things I already have planned. If you could reply to this by hopefully Oct.14/17 in the morning that would be great:D

    1. Congrats! Of course you can! Celebrate 100K views as much as you want in as many ways as you want. You've earned it.

  9. I think they've been wanting to get rid of Club Geoz for quite a while now, and they've figured out a way to make it work. Hardly anyone ever goes in there, plenty of parties and such have copied it's design, and I'm sure they'd love to put a new modern-looking fake piece of junk not-animal-at-all building there. How about Club Boring Electronic Spaceship?

  10. Where is the purple music note banner? I want to pick up some headphones for myself but I cannot currently find it.

  11. suprize!!!!!!!!! its now alpha hq


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