Friday, October 27, 2017

The Trials of Zios Adventure Guide

A scroll in the Forgotten Archive spoke of a lost map. Can you make it past the Trials of Zios to recover it?

Level: 1
Status: Everyone
Animal: Land
Secret Passage: Lion


Top Left Chest: Zios Mask Totem

Top Center Chest: Scroll Pedestal

Top Right Chest: Flame Traps

Bottom Left Chest: Trial Potted Plant

Bottom Right Chest: Trial Tiger Tile

Other Chests:

... and various gem amounts


  1. Wait the "other chests" How do u get them? can u only get them from a flying animal? yeah cuz they look pretty cool. Also if u have a Stone fire pit then plz trd me! i REALLY want one!!! :D

    1. Well, since the Adventure is for land animals only, none of the chests are hidden in areas that you can't get without a flying animal. In order to get to the extra chests, you need to look around and find a vine on a rock that says it needs to be watered. Once you water it with a watering can from the trial with the water and plants, a ladder will grow and you can climb down and look around the area. Hope this helps!

    2. I watered a vine ladder, and it led me to two rocks that had exclamation marks above them. One of the rocks asked 'I am from the felidae family. What am I?' and the other 'I am from the leporiadae family. What am I?'. The rocks were on the other side of a rock wall, along with a Zios Mask Totem. What does this mean?

    3. uh, rocks or pedestals? If it was a normal rock I think it's a glitch.....

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