Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Jammer Opinions #2: Headdresses

Hi Jammers! Welcome back for the second volume of Jammer Opinions. This segment is all about headdresses, but before we get into the interviewing random Jammers part of the post, let's discuss the history of headdresses and why some people might not like them.

Headdresses are easily one of the most popular items right now and have been for a few years. They look good on almost any animal, they're rare, and they come in a variety of colors. They were originally released for the Feast of Thanks in November 2011, and that was the only year headdresses were for sale. They haven't returned to stores since, and when asked what the reason is behind it, AJHQ says that they may be offensive to Jammers with a Native American background or culture.

So, today I am going to be asking a few random people and some buddies of mine what they think of headdresses. Without any further ado, let's begin!

The first person I interviewed was a flamingo named Rosy Peachyplum. She was pro headdresses, but didn't really go into detail as to why she stands where she stands. Oh well!

The next lucky Jammer is a horse named Queen Faircheetah. You can tell she's a pretty big ''bean''. Anyways, Queen thinks headdresses are amazing, and she doesn't believe they have the ability to offend anyone.

The third person is a great friend of mine named Henry. Henry likes how headdresses look, but he also thinks their rarity is messed up. I agree with everything he said here. When items get popular, their values tend to go up and down a lot, and you can never really be sure what they're worth.

The final Jammer to be interviewed is another one of my good blogging buddies named Ja. She said that headdresses are good. I know she said more than just this, but my screenshots got deleted somehow and I can't quite remember what else she talked about. Ja, if you're reading this, feel free to help me out! :P

At first, I was honestly a bit surprised with the results I got. Everyone said positive things about headdresses. I was expecting a little more variety with the answers, but after pondering about it for a short while, I realized that these results are actually kind of normal, with how popular headdresses are.

Now it's your turn! Give me your opinion on headdresses. Leave it in the comment section down below! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading. That's the whip!


  1. Okay! Here is some "variety" (Prepare for negatives):

    I think it was good for AJHQ to remove them from stores. Sure, they look nice, but I'd be pretty offended if someone took part of my culture and used it for random purposes.

    For example: The country I'm living in at the moment has like a special sort of dance sorta thing (Not naming it due to personal reasons). It's used for special native purposes. Then let's say some random person decides to use this dance for advertising purposes instead of culture purposes. It would be pretty offending to the natives, since it's an important part of their culture.

    So yeah, it would be a bit offending to Native Americans who played if they remained in stores. I might have not made sense, but there you go, "variety" :P


    1. *Tiny rant alert*
      Agreed. I'd be really offended if someone took my culture and stuck it in a game. But the issue is, they didn't remove them from the whole game. It just makes them even less of a real cultural symbol that means you worked for it and gained lots of respect, and more of a symbol of "OOOO THAT PERSON IZ SO RAR!11!" If they removed it as a whole, it would be a whole lot better. Also, their rarity is messed up, like the arctic wolf said. It just made the rarity system so weird, like Masterpieces. I don't like people like the flamingo and horse, as they just ignored a major part of a culture. Really? Stop being so ignorant, people. That's my opinion of headdresses, and a minor rant of about how people need to stop ignoring other cultures.

  2. I kinda get why AJ took them out of stores but honestly, I don't see how it's totally offending. But then again, I'm not Native American.

    I like how they look but I will probably never get one since I'm unrare! XDDDD

    1. Hahaha, same here. I used to have a blue headdress, but I traded it away for some reason.

  3. I like headdresses a lot, not because they are rare, I like are light green ones look a lot XD
    I dont really get why they are offensive, but like Lost, I'm not native american XD I probably wont get one because I'm not rare :D

  4. For the next one you should ask ppl what they think of spikes, or masterpieces XD


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