Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My Favorite AJ Den Designer

Hi Jammers! Today's post isn't going to be news-related or anything; instead, I will be talking about my all-time FAVORITE Animal Jam den designer: Pugfluff!

Pugfluff has various social media accounts in which she uses to share her talent with the Internet. She posts all kinds of den designs, decorating tips, tricks, ideas, and so much more. Here are a few of examples of her work that I particularly like:

The last one is called the Phantom Express, and she used items from various Adventures to construct it. Neat, right?

I enjoy designing dens, but I'm far too lazy to spend hours upon hours trying to decorate a den in a creative, unique, and pleasing manner. Oh well.

Who is your favorite den designer? Also, what den designs have you made that you are proud of?

Thanks for reading, bye Jammers!


  1. :O That.Is.AWESOME!!!

    Hehe, the best den I've ever done was a long time ago (It might still be there, but it's probably locked :P) was a Candy/Candy Cafe themed den, all non member items. It took a while, collecting all that candy related stuff, and sometimes over trading for hard-to-get, never-to-be-seen-in-stores-again candy items :P

    I also remember making myself a 'cottage house', and everything was still non member. I think I used St Patrick's stuff and using the non-member-couches-as-a-bed-technique (Which was how I found this blog in the first place :D ), a nice solid table and some flower gardens outside.

    I think I also had a 'pet house' den, where all my 'pets' were non member plushies.

    Ahhh, the good old days........

  2. My favorite den designer is myself. :D I like all my den designs, but sometimes I just try to compile items without having a pattern.

  3. Wow! These dens are unbelievable! If I had unlimited den space, maybe I could actually make cool dens. XD

  4. that one in the volcano den is the Smoke Clan base camp

  5. I haven't commented in so long rip, but those dens are amazing omg.

  6. Wow... wow. XP So amazing! HEY GUYS, CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT AND COMMENT!!! :P

  7. she, flamingoop, and lucyfluffy den decor are my favorite den designers as well!!! they gave me great ideas so i can make the perfect family den :) my username is gemcat99 if you wanna check out my girly girl pink family den :P

  8. Hello jammers,
    I am trying something knew and I would like ANYONE to jag me a den theme by the 25/5/2020 and I will be choosing one and I will decorate a den according to that theme. Pls make your themes interesting and make it a LITTLE changlling!
    My user is: Funnyaj19
    I will jag u if i choose your theme so u can come see the den!
    Ty if u give me a theme!
    happy jamming stay safe!

    Also my AJ classic wistlist is:
    ANY spike ( not just for me my friend got scammed I want to make her happy)
    ANY flower crown
    NM fllors
    betas ( i only hv 2 i used to hv more but i got scammed)
    ty for your time!


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