Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Animal Jam Spotlight: bepper

Hello! Naffy here! For those of you who live in America, I hope y'all had a great fourth of July. :) Independence Day is one of my favorite U.S. holidays - summer evening barbecues, fireworks, parades... what a party!

Today we are going to be spotlighting bepper.

Bepper was one of the six original Animal Jam YouTubers. A very talented artist drew this visual representation of the "squad":

At first it's easy to recognize LilacPetal and Julian2, but the rest take a bit more time to ponder. The wolf with the founder's hat above Julian is actually Twinkle0122. Back then she had a different main look, and was popular for her many AJMV's. The pink wolf in the center is GummyUnicorn, a Jammer who doesn't really play Animal Jam all that much anymore. The red wolf above her is XxVeryKindGuyxX, who wasn't as famous or well-known as the majority of the bunch. Finally, the orange wolf below KindGuy is bepper, with her previous signature look. Nowadays her main look is her arctic fox.

Back in 2011-2013 bepper was a scammer. She even confesses that she was a scammer in some of her most recent videos. She was also best friends with Lilac for a while, until some drama popped up, involving scamming, betrayal, and deleting YouTube channels.

Bepper switched to a different account (Kosho) for a while, then came back and started YouTube again. She hit 100K subs several weeks ago.

More facts about bepper:

- Her real name is Sarah
- She's 15 (?)
- She has brown hair
- She has glasses
- Aparri is her brother

Thanks for reading, and happy jamming!


  1. I love Bepper's videos :) she's really nice and isn't all about rares and stuff like some of the others seem to be.

    1. Thank you for taking my suggestion and doing this AJ Spotlight on bepper! :)
      I have recently been watching bepper's videos, and I like her for the same reasons Fang does. From all the videos I've watched of hers, so far, she hasn't talked about Rares and "betas". She's also a LOT like me! I think she's now my favorite AJ YouTuber! Even though she scammed once, that's in the past now, and from what I heard on the " Truth About Fman" video, she regrets it, which is good.
      Again, thank's for doing this spotlight on her, Naf! These posts help me out a lot! Keep up your amazing work, and I'll be commenting again tomorrow! ;)

    2. where does bepper and aparri live right now

  2. I must be ancient XD I recognised all those famous jammers.

    Could you do Libertyy or Animaljammer330 next? I feel they'd be interesting :3


    P.s my fanart for you was approved at last, I'll gift it to you when I next see you on :D

  3. I like Bepper's videos in one day
    cuddly6342 <_> WAIT NO CAPS

  4. Hello Naffy! Glad to see your back! (I MISSED YOUUUUUU) I guess I had a good 4th of July.... There was a party at my friend's house, but before the fireworks it had already poured rain twice! And while I was in bed at night I heard a LOT of firework explosions, and it made me sad because I felt like I missed out on the fireworks for the whole year! I mean, everyone in our area have been waiting for fireworks FOR A WHOLE YEAR, and they get rained out! Hearing the fireworks outside my window was really loud because my bed is the closest to the front door and my windows face the neighborhood, and it made me depressed knowing that I was missing out on fireworks!

    1. Aww man! D: It was really windy last night so the smoke and ashes from the fireworks kept flying into our faces, but that's not nearly as bad as pouring rain. :C

  5. 2 things in common! My name is also Sarah. AND I wear glasses! LOL

  6. Can you do a spotlight on Acqua? She's the daughter of Clark. Also, you should probably consider doing spotlights not just on jammers, but also on fictional characters on AJ, like Liza or something. And, also try to choose not ONLY famous jammers for the spotlight. Like, you could do some of your buddies or just random people you find in Jamaa Township.

    1. I appreciate your suggestions, Anonymous, but there are a few slight problems we must take into consideration. :)

      If you'd like to learn more about the Alphas, you can visit the Alphas page by clicking on the little icon of Liza on the right hand side of the blog.

      If I chose to do random people I find in Jamaa Township, then Animal Jam Spotlights would be very bland and boring. I have no background information about them or anything they've accomplished in the community.

      Thanks for your suggestions though!

  7. I had no idea Aparri had a sibling! Then again, I don't really know much about famous jammers or people, in general. XD Also, I didn't know that arctic fox outfit started with Bepper first. Cuz I see a lot of people wearing that outfit. XD

  8. Replies
    1. Been there done that. :) Thanks for the suggestion though!

  9. Beppy is amazing. Her arctic fox is so kawaii!


  11. Just realized something freaky...
    One time I walked into the pillow room. There was someone named... drumroll please... KOSHO having an argument with some other Jammers. One of the things I remember from the argument was someone saying this to Kosho: "comeback issues".


  12. could you do more of a non- famous jammer like goldiedoggy aj or Wolfcitters?


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