Saturday, July 9, 2016

Deer Fan Art

My friend Cosmic drew this beautiful headshot of my deer! <3 Thank you so much!


  1. That is so cute!
    Cookie0417 from the Animal Jam Starswirl ( )
    P.S. Is it okay, Naffy, if I say from the Animal Jam Starswirl after my username, since it is a wordpress blog and I can't comment with my wordpress account. Plus I want the views and comments to come. Hopefully this is okay!

  2. I love it!! The scarf is so big and fluffy c:

  3. That is one cute drawing! Cosmic, you are great at art!

  4. This looks so cute and poofy! I can imagine this as a design on one of those poofy 3D sticker things, ya know. Cosmic is an amazing artist!


  5. Wow.... That is so cool! You must be very lucky to receive all this fan art!


  6. This deer is what I think it'd look like if your deer was in Pokemon Shuffle XD. But that means it's super kawaii, so that's a plus


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