Monday, July 18, 2016

New Pets + Fan Art

Hi Jammers! ^.^ If you are subscribed to WootMoo, an Animal Jam YouTuber, you should have watched his latest video.

In his video, he tells of a few new pets that are only obtainable through the Adopt-A-Pet playhouses.

Here are some of them:

A  'lil grasshopper! AJ makes grasshoppers look a lot cuter virtually than they do in real life.

A squirrel!

A ladybug, my personal favorite! I've been waiting FOREVER for a ladybug pet.

A mouse!

And a praying mantis!

There is also a firefly, I believe. But the firefly looks very similar compared to the bumblebee, so I don't know for sure.

I'll end this post with some fan art given to me by my friend Cosmic. :)

I don't remember if I ever posted this, so if I haven't, there ya go. XD



  1. I would love that praying mantis personally :D
    -Pinpun (Animal Jam Sage)

  2. I knew the mouse was from the ultra rare butterfly, and the squirrel from the peacock, but I've never seen the rest! I wonder where they came from...

    Also those bugs are kinda freaky but cute. If they added a moth though... >•< I'd personally destroy AJHQ. LIKE EWW LOL


  3. Cute! I need to start earning money already!

  4. I don't really know if you posted it, either! I really like the squirrel, and my friend Ineffable told me that she got her pet squirrel by getting the ultra rare peacock!

  5. I own the firefly :)

  6. a squirrel.....
    a freaking

    kill me

  7. Me want! *tries to grab and fails* It's nice that AJHQ make more non member pets, but what about people who can't buy (like me)?


  8. Yes, you have posted about that art before. But I still love to look at it!

    PET LADYBUGS!? AWESOMENESS!!!! I already knew about the squirrels, mice, and fireflies. :P
    Surprisingly, that praying mantis looks rather cute!

  9. Promo gifts is how u get them! I got a pretty cute bet mouse purple and white! Trade good for it and u might get it!


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