Monday, July 11, 2016

''Salad is Bad For You"'

So, according to one wolf in Crystal Sands, salad is bad for you.

If you eat a salad, you will turn ghostly white with black spots. Then within the next minute or so you'll collapse to the ground and your heart will break.

Sounds like a pretty dangerous illness. Remember Jammers, DON'T EAT SALAD!

*Just kidding, salad is very good for you.*


  1. WARNING! Recently, footage was uncovered of a kid getting all red and spotty due to a waffle! Don't eat waffles!!
    Chicken #272662:HOW DARE YOU CHICKEN #8377

    right I have no idea where that came from. BUT HOW DARE THEY DISS SALAD ITS BEAUTIFUL


  2. XD Ha, I wonder why they were saying that... :P

  3. LOL!
    Also, can you post my contest? A lot of good artists read this blog and I don't get many views. My blog is The Animal Jam Meow. Thanks Naffy!

    1. Is it OK if I make you art for the contest, take a screenshot of it, and post it on my blog, saying for your contest? You would have to visit my blog often and maybe comment? I would really appreciate it if you would check it out frequently and comment because I just started and I'm not getting any comments.
      Cookie0417 from the
      P.S. If it's ok for me to do that, please jamagram me, as I may not check this post.

  4. Oh no! I ate salad last week. When will I contract this disease!


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