Sunday, July 17, 2016

Animal Jam Tag (by Lostfairy)

1. I don't really have a set dream item at the time, but I really want a silver (rare) owl messenger statue. :P
2. Probably wolffeycat! Her videos are just so aesthetically pleasing.
3. Y'all are my friends, but on AJ I have 119 buddies. :)
4. I like rares for how they look on my animals, not simply because they're rare.
5. I hang out with my buddies, play games, blog, etc.
6. I have 33 animals!
7. Hackers, scammers, drama... the community these days is just so messed up. >.<
8. Buddies, of course! And blogging. Buddies and blogging are the two main reasons why I still play Animal Jam. Can you believe I've been playing this game for almost five years now!? That's crazy! :o

Feel free to do this tag in the comments!


  1. taffy im sorry i cant stand anymore
    Cuddly6342 is dead <_>

  2. I already did this over on the jumble, but here's what I answered

    Dream item:Magenta furry hat. Or magnetic fury as I call them.

    Favourite famous jammer:Wisteriamoon. I'd also say Naffy if she counts

    How many friends:
    About 140 on animal jam. Only about 30 are actual close friends. IRL I have about 12 close friends

    Do I love rares:kinda. I'm not obsessed, but admittedly on AJ I spend almost all my time trading when my buddies aren't on (aka most of the time due to British -America time differences. The rest of the time I'm chatting to friends, making art and decorating. I used to play adventures lots, AJHQ PLS GIVE US A NEW ADVENTURE.

    Animals:assuming on animal jam lol, I have the maximum amount

    Least favourite thing: Most of the youtube community. Apart from a few videos by Wisteria, Pinkempress and Julian2 here and there, its almost all clickbait.

    Favourite thing: Buddies and creativity.


  3. 1. Mystical wings, long silver spike, HD, and wood floor. One of my top dream items were Cami's frog but I have it now :D
    2.Bepper? Yea Bepper
    3. I shall not answer XD
    4. No, friends are better then rares. (Sometimes, no lol jk)
    5. Lots. Reading, playing AJ, playing Minecraft getting ahead on school..
    6. 8, (ones I can use) bunny and turtle, (member ones I can't user :( )
    Fox, owl, cheetah, snow-leopard, Lynx, and another fox.
    7. Least favorite thing. Scammers, hackers, the community these days, sin, E.T.C
    8. IDK lol

  4. sneak preview of my next video:

  5. 1. a solid black top hat
    2. WisteriaMOON or PinkEmpress
    3. 138 buddies & counting!
    4. Only if they add to my look/make my animal look nicer. I think they do get in the way of the true purpose of Animal Jam. Rares were supposed to be a bonus of playing the game, not the whole reason you play.
    5. Blogging, recording and editing videos, hanging out with buddies, earning achievements, and exploring.
    6. I currently only have 4 animals since I'm nm and I only kept 2 of my member ones.
    7. The way rarity causes disputes among players.
    8. Getting to meet so many new people!

  6. 1. Headdress
    2. Wisteriamoon
    3. Alot XD
    4. I don't love them and I don't hate them
    5. During the small freetime I have I usally draw or talk with buddies
    6. 32
    7. Hackers, scammers, drama and rude people
    8. Buddies, roleplaying, and trading

  7. Naffy, I have a silver rare owl statue, want it? -Frizzy-

    1. I appreciate you offering, but a generous friend of mine already graciously sent me one. :) Thank you so much for the offer though!


  8. 1. My dream item changed 3 times. I first got my Bow and Arrows, and then my dream item changed into the Glitched Nerd Glasses, and now its Cami's Frog.
    2. Probably my favorite famous Jammers is Wisteria MOOOOOOOOOOOOON lol
    3. I have 138 buddies, not including the many readers I have yet to buddy ;)
    4. I love how you spend forever to get them, and work very hard to get them. But I absolutley hate Jamaa's rarity system.
    5. In my freetime, I listen to Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy, and I am a 1st Chair Clarinet in band. (That means you're the best player) Oh, and play ANIMAL JAM, for sure.
    6. Hmm.. Let me go check....... 13!!
    6. Hackers, scammers, bullies, the jacked up rarity system, being suspended for talking about IRL stuff just to name a few.
    7. Buddies! No matter how corny it is, it's always great to have a friend to talk to and to understand everything.

  9. 1.Black and green headdress
    2.Well, I cant quite say.... Wisteriamoon is fun, aparri is cool I guess, julian2 just keeps quitting, lilacpetal is a drama queen (In my opinion)
    3.well I have 200 buddies, but only about 10 I hang out with and talk to
    4.No, they corrupted the community, but they do look very cool, like headdresses, and nature archways
    5.Adventures, stalking (jk)
    6.Well, the lack of bloggers, and scammers, hackers I dont like, but its usually because the host gave away the password
    7. Hanging out with buddies, and adventures


  10. oooooohhhhhh boooyyyyyyyyy

  11. 1. RIM headdress
    2. Naffy!
    3. Same as Naff, but 185 on AJ.
    4. Sort of. With the headdress, I want one for looks. Not rarity.
    5. AJ, World of Warcraft, Write, read, talk with friends!
    6. 15 animals
    7. Bullies, Hackers, Scammers, and innapropriate people.
    8. On AJ? Decorating dens and roleplaying. Overall? Blogging, AJ, and WoW.

  12. Okay here are my answers, some of them are Star Stable because I have no answer for some of them, and I play Star Stable more,hope you don't mind. SSO stands for Star Stable Online.

    1. SSO: It is not really an item, but I am waititng to get my dream Shire.

    2. AJ: Of course you Nafaria. Not meaning to offend, but I feel like that the other famous people only care about rares and being famous, while you care about us.

    3. AJ: I have around 20, all of them I know irl, some of them being spare accounts. SSO: I have around 5 friends (again irl) only one of them being active.

    4. AJ: No, they are just items, that make people greedy.

    5. SSO: Playing with my friend, our ponies are really naughty.

    6. AJ: 2, one wolf and one pig. SSO: 2 horses and 1 rabbit.

    7. AJ: Scammers, Hackers, Bullies, people's greed for rares and drama. SSO: Drama, friend invites, group invites (except when it is with my friends), club invites, people swarming a npc (non player character) when a new quest comes out.

    8. Playing with friends and wonderful kind people from both games. SSO: being able to keep almost everything when your membership ends, you are able to keep your horses, your level, your clothes and reputation.


  13. 1. Laurel Crown (That is a secret between me and the wall, if you wanna know, become the wall XD)
    2. Hmm, maybe Wisteria? She is pretty much me. I literally was going to make the exact same song she used in her first video (An AJMV) as my video before I knew it was her first video.
    3. Idk? XD I'll get back to you on that.
    4. I stand by the fact that we're was a time in my life when I was a non stop little worker for rares. Currently, I will keep my rarest items by me but, I would not think twice about giving any smallish item to a friend who really wants it. Knowing the amazement they are gonna feel when they see it. It's the greatest feeling in the world.
    5. Badminton, Draw, Read A LOT, Read Blogs, Play AJ, Play MC, Study (Yes, I'm a freakizoid that studies durning Summer Vacation, XD)
    6. Getting back to you on that..
    7. My least favorite thing? When people don't give me their rares. JK JK JK What I really hate are the people I meet who seem so nice but, are nothing but posers. I once gave someone Nerd Glasses out of sheer kindness and you know what she did to thank me? Attempt to scam me. Twice.
    8. (Your name here)

  14. 1. Currently a Founder's.
    2. Lilacpetal. She is my AJ idol. I change between idols frequently.
    3. IRL it is, (I count my close friends as my real friends) 3. I know, so goes my life. they all also are in grades above me, I'm scared for my friend count in my grade next year. My buddy count on AJ is 131.
    4. YARSH. I am obsessed. For some reason. I WANNA BE ADORED.
    5. Get on the computer. Do something. I dunno what. It usually involves Roblox and/or Animal Jam.
    6. I have 31 animals currently, there is going to be at least 32 when sloths come out.
    7. People who are just plain mean.
    This was a while ago so I don't remember a lot. I was hosting a fashion show, then I told someone they were out, and they threw a HUGE TANTRUM. Now, this is not like your normal fashion show drama. At some point, THEY WENT INTO THE TOWNSHIP AND TOLD PEOPLE TO REPORT ME. I ENDED UP CRYING IRL. I AM VERY SENSITIVE ALL ON MY TASTE BUDS, MY FEELINGS, AND MY SKIN. LIKE HOW THINGS HURT. THAT HURT A LOT INSIDE. DON'T. MAKE. ME. CRY.
    8. I just love making people happy!
    I used to just randomly have people tell me their dream item. Someone told me they wanted a pink and blue diamond shop spiked collar, and I had one at that time. Even though I loved it dearly, I gave it to them. They were so happy, so I just felt really good. There was also another time I think I met someone who had been scammed out of I think a worn, so to make them feel better, I gave away my cream colored worn.

    ~The only author from the


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