Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Is Animal Jam Google Autofill

Hey Jammers! ^.^ Today we're going to be playing the Google Autofill game.

You might recognize the Google Autofill game from one of my favorite YouTube channels, SuperCarlinBrothers. To play this game is easy - all we have to do is type in whatever Google is trying to autofill (in this case, "Is Animal Jam") and every letter of the English alphabet and Google fills in the rest of the question for us which I will answer to the best of my knowledge. :) I hope that makes sense.

Let's get started!

A: Is Animal Jam a safe website?
Yes, as long as you don't give out personal information like your phone number, your address, where you specifically live, etc. And don't give out account information, either, just to keep your account safe, too.

B: Is Animal Jam bad?
It all depends on how you look at it.

C: Is Animal Jam closing?
Clark Stacey himself confirmed that Animal Jam has no intentions of shutting down or closing in the near future.

D: Is Animal Jam down?
Animal Jam occasionally goes offline as new content and updates are added into the game.

E: Is Animal Jam evil?
Some people who play Animal Jam are considered evil, but it's all a matter of opinion whether or not you think the game itself is evil. :p

F: Is Animal Jam free?
Yes, Animal Jam is free to play, but to unlock all the features Animal Jam has to offer you must purchase a membership.

 G: Is Animal Jam going to shut down in 2016?
Well, considering we're already halfway through 2016, most likely not. But if you really want to know, Clark Stacey also confirmed that this rumor is not true and Animal Jam is here to stay.

H: Is Animal Jam hacked?
Uhhh... no?

I: Is Animal Jam inappropriate?
In some cases it can be, but that's just the community being crappy. The game itself is not inappropriate.

J: Is Animal Jam Jump free?
If you're talking about the app, then no, sadly it is not free.

Unfortunately there is nothing for K. :c

L: Why is Animal Jam loading so slow?
Try clearing your cache.

M: Is Animal Jam membership worth it?
If you want a better playing experience, then yes, membership is indeed worth it. I suggest paying for membership during the random sales throughout the year if you are so concerned about money.

N: Is Animal Jam not working?
If Animal Jam isn't loading or working properly, then you should probably try clearing your cache.

O: Is Animal Jam offline right now?
See fo' yeself. I'm gettin' sassy, aren't I?

P: Is Animal Jam Play Wild free?
Yes, but you can make in-app purchases for a better playing experience.

Sadly nothing for Q.

R: Is Animal Jam really shutting down in 2016?

S: Is Animal Jam safe?
Refer to A, please.

T: Is Animal Jam free to play?
Refer to F, please.

U: Is Animal Jam updating?
If Animal Jam is offline, then most likely.

V: Is Animal Jam virus free?
Now this question is rather tough to tackle. Many believe ''fman122'' spreads viruses by sending you JAG's, but others believe the whole ''fman122'' scheme was just a hoax. I don't know that many people who have gotten viruses from simply playing the game, though. Don't use third party hacks to gain items or anything like that if you want to be safe.

W: Is Animal Jam not working?
Refer to N, please.

Nothing for X, unsurprisingly.

Y: What is Animal Jam Yahoo?
I've never heard of Animal Jam Yahoo before...

Nothing for Z!

That's it for this game! I hope you guys enjoyed. :D Playing this game was very fun!



  1. Actually, taht's a pretty cool idea. It reminds me of when you tubers Google their names.

  2. K: Does animal jam have koalas?
    Q:How come animal jam doesn't load quickly?
    X:How come you need free chat to say any words that start with x?
    Z: Does animal jam represent any zoos?
    -Frizzy o3o-

  3. "Those socks are amazing!" Little Super Carlin Brothers joke. :)

  4. XD Ha, that's pretty funny! Great post idea, Naffy!!

    (I am hosting a fashion contest on my blog. Use this link for more info and if you want to enter! :D)

  5. This is random, but here are my predictions for writing animal jam a/b/c etc
    Animal jam arctic wolf/Aparri idk
    Animal jam banned
    Animal jam codes 2016
    Animal jam deviantart? Or maybe daily explorer
    Animal jam email
    Animal jam free membership
    Animal jam game (lol)
    Animal jam hacked/headdress
    Animal jam instagram
    Animal jam julian2
    Animal jam kangaroo code
    Animal jam love story
    Animal jam youknowwhat
    Animal jam idk
    Animal jam online
    Animal jam phantom
    Animal jam q and a
    Animal jam rares (maybe rare spike idk)
    Animal jam story
    Animal jam toys
    Animal jam users
    Animal jam wisteriaMOOOOOOOOON
    Animal jam xbox (lol idk why I feel people might search that)
    Animal jam youtube
    And finally
    Animal jam zootopia
    BC ya

    ANYHOW sorry for a long comment, not sure if this is spam DX


  6. wow this is cool!


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