Friday, July 15, 2016

AJ Storytime - The Time I Went to Jail

Hello. :) Today's post is going to be very interesting, because I'm going to be telling you about the time I went to jail.

No, of course I didn't go to a REAL jail. I meant a jail in ANIMAL JAM. :P

So, a few days ago I was strolling through Crystal Sands when suddenly I bumped into a big black elephant with a yellow police hat upon her head.

Here's a snippet of our conversation:

She addressed the fact that my look was too blue. Apparently if you're too much of a certain color you are breaking the law.

As she was arresting me I kindly stated that her look was too black.

Her reply?

Geez, hypocrite. :/

She then notified the police chief, a brown wolf named Duke. He was wearing a blue police hat to show a sign of leadership.

The elephant and the wolf took me to the wolf's den which was nicely decorated with a few bamboo chairs and a bunch of flags. The setup resembled a court.

Just seconds later my friend Pay showed up at the scene. She was to act as my lawyer, but in the world of Jamaa, sadly lawyers must go to jail along with the criminal.

The elephant pawcuffed me and escorted me to my cell. I was laughing my head off IRL the entire time.


Poor Pay struggled to maintain her freedom as an innocent lawyer.

As Pay and the other police were arguing, I ''stealthily" escaped.

Much to my dismay, I was caught once again. As the police chief was escorting me back to my cell, he had some news for me.

Oh. So now mechanical angel helmets are illegal to wear in Crystal Sands?

Suddenly Duke had a change of heart and decided to let me go. I WAS FREE AT LAST!

Moral of this story? Don't be too blue, and don't wear mechanical angel helmets in Crystal Sands or else you will suffer the consequences.


  1. Well apparently they arrest people nowadays for bring too awesome. Guess I'm next then (Jk XD)

    But what the actual heck XD

    I've actually had similar experiences. People accuse me of being a furry due to my username, and say things like "EWW GET OFF OF AJ" And I'm like, "I'm not a furry though lol"
    And they're just like "BUT ON UR TRADE LIST THERE'S ART OF FURRIES"
    Kiddo, drawing anthro animals isn't the same as being a furry. Or at least in my personal opinion XD my username was just my one off of bearville, and at build a bear 'Furry fun' is like, playing with your buildabear

    I must change my username.
    And people will forever be a mystery.


  2. Ok, so i know the rules. I'm never gonna bring my koala to Crystal Sands.
    1. She's too blue.
    2. She has the same hat as your wolf the same color.

  3. And NEVER EVER wear pirate swords in Appondale. The color green is not allowed on alternating Tuesday and Thursday's underwater. It is unexceptable to have Orange AND Blue as fur colors. Yellow must never be worn with flower crowns. Lynx's can't wear the color purple unless they have a silly hat. In an adventure, you must wear any sort of necklace. No types of wings on flying animals. Worns may not be worn with ANYTHING from the Summer Carnival. Tigers can only have the stripe pattern. And lastly, follow none of these ridiculous rules. XD

    1. You missed one. Arctic wolves must ALWAYS wear a black long spiked collar and a headdress or else you will be banned FOREVER


  4. Lol, this is really funny. :P

  5. Your breaking laws if your to much of one colour? That's link all my animalsXD

  6. me: *wears mechanical angel helmet in crystal sands*
    police: that's it your going to jam


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