Monday, July 11, 2016

Mysteries of Animal Dances ft. Princessbg Part 1


  1. My blog is

  2. Interesting! I'd like to help with one of these some time :D


  3. Awesome video! ^•^

    The raccoon dance reminds me of some country type thing. It looks like it's kicking up the dust lol. I don't know what its supposed to be, but it might be worthy of an episode like this one.


    1. I always thought the raccoon did some sort of "chubby santa" dance. I always sang along saying "Ho ho ho, HO HO HO!"


  4. I never even realized you had a Youtube channel xD No offense.
    Cookie0417 from the

  5. That's cool facts. I do tap and jazz. And I might do lyrical next yesr too it depends though


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