Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hey Jammers! c: Today we're going to be taking a blast to the past, because this post is going to be all about skyways.

If you played Animal Jam back in 2011-2012 ish, you should know what skyways are. They were very popular and somewhat difficult glitches where you could walk around in the sky. Back then there were no flying animals, so skyways were very fun to do because you could get a view of what lurks high above the ground.

Unfortunately, the skyways glitches were patched. :( But now that we have eagles, owls, and falcons to help us explore the atmosphere, skyways aren't really needed anymore.

Here are some pictures of these skyways:

Ahhh... the good ol' days. ^.^

Welp, thanks for reading! Goodbye!


  1. Wasn't there also one in epic wonders?

    Its a shame these glitches were patched, its not like they caused any damage to the game.


  2. Yeah, that glitch was pretty cool. I think Meloetta385 has some pictures on her blog too.

  3. Wow, wasn't there a small glitch when eagles got released, land animals could explore the top of coral canyons?

  4. That was fun actually! There's one still in Sarepia forest still :P

  5. Yeah.. I blame myself.. I know I shouldn't, for the Zios one getting patched. It was years ago.. I mean, I should NOT have emailed AJHQ saying "Theres a glitch (I then explained how to do it) plz don't patch it AJ its so fun, It isn't hurting the game" they responded saying something around the lines of sometimes glitches hurt the game or ruin the fun but sometimes they may keep a glitch that wont hurt the game and then a while later it was deleted :( It isn't my fault, They probably just deleted it when they started doing concept art and such for possible flying animals but still

  6. Why cant nm's do this? I mean we have no flying animals as nm's.


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