Thursday, July 21, 2016

625K Views Party Pictures

Thanks to all who came out to the party! We had a blast! ^.^


  1. It was a very fun party! I loved it!!

  2. Aww, I never got to go to the party. :( Maybe you can give like a two-day notice before the party, because I only got home a few minutes ago, and I thought that this party was a bit of no fair.

    1. I would have given a notice if we would have hit 625,000 views earlier, but because I'm going to be away for a few weeks it was the only time we could do it. Sorry.

  3. I had lots of fun - glad I could make it!

  4. That was a fun party! Sorry I had to leave early!

    -Pinpun (Animal Jam Sage)

  5. I hate how I am able to come EVERY time and yet, no first do this and then that, oh your cousin wants you to come over... oops the baby got a booboo, oh sweetie do me a favor and grab this, that, thisat.... and then my internet shut down and I.. grrrrrr -Frizzy- Why cant I make it anymore :I

  6. I missed it! I only just got on! NOO!! I'm so sorry! I've been missing your parties a lot lately! D:

    Have fun on your trips! I will miss you, a LOT, but knowing that you'll be returning soon helps! ,:)

  7. I was really hoping to show up but I forgot when it was! I logged on super quick but it was already ended. ):

  8. :( I wish I came. But when it was 1:00 PM for you, it was AM for me. I can only attend parties that are held at like, 8:00 AM or something. D:
    Congrats on 625k views! That's a huge milestone for you. This blog has come so far. :')

  9. That party was really fun! I'm so glad I could make it

  10. So sad I missed it :( I am taking a short break, but I shall still comment :D how are you?

  11. I had lots of fun at the party! :D
    We mostly played bunches of games XD
    I was in the 2nd picture saying "XD" trying to fit in with the wall. That party was also when I learned lynxes had a new pattern.
    As I am wearing in the pic :P


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