Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Favorite Childhood Toys and Games

What toys/games did you love as a little kid? ^.^


  1. I'm almost the same XD

    I was webkinz (still am and forever will be), LPS, puppy/kitty/pony/other stuffs in my pocket, playmobil and buildabear.

    I have a rather tragic story about my LPS. When we redid my bedroom, I put them in the loft, except for my favourites(a pug, some hamsters, a corgi, a collie which is pricy now, a fox and a husky. But I forgot where I put them X.X
    I also lost a webkinz elephant when I put a bunch of soft toys (why?!) in the loft. I retrieved all the webkinz I put up there, but not the elephant.

    I stopped collecting buildabears when they discontinued their online game bearville, which I honestly prefered over AJ. I could also rant on forever about when GANZ removed Mazin Hamsters.

    I still spend about £100 on webkinz every year with no regrets lol.

    Anyhow hope everyone enjoyed this story time of my childhood. I'm going to go back to my hobo box and cri about how i managed to lose my favourite LPS.

    (ironically I just put most of my playmobil on ebay)


  2. Replies
    1. Same! Until it shut down. When it shut down, I was really sad.

    2. :O
      LPS! I loved LPS so much! I actually still have a LPS shelf in my closet today! Yes, I know I'm probably too old for them, but they're just so CUTE! How can I resist? Lol!
      I also still have quite a few Webkinz! They're on my stuffed-animal shelf that stretches from one side of my room to the other! Hehe, I REALLY love plush toys!

  3. I LOVED Puppy In My Pocket!! I loved all of these, actually. I also liked Mushabellies ^^.

  4. I really liked playing with dolls! :) I have a question for you. Would it be ok with you if I used a quote in my blog title, too?

  5. I used to like (And, still like,although I don't play with them) Puppy In My Pocket a lot, and I'm surprised that someone else did/does too! Um, also, as for the competition...kelly1010's membership expired! Can you please send me the present on Tzatziki, my trolling user?

  6. I loved LPS, Pixos, MLP, Tinker Toys, Play Mobile and Imaganex.

  7. Which ones did I love? Pretty much all of these. XD

  8. Mine:
    -Barbie (Lol don't judge)
    -Calico Critters
    -Lego (I still play it sometimes with my brother)
    -Some board game based off of a TV show that I forget (I still have it in my house..)
    -Monkey Quest (That stupid members-only point stopped me in my tracks)
    -Club Penguin
    And others that I forget!

  9. I really like Family Flux. Really cool game if you feel like cheating or bending the rules ):D

  10. I always used to play Lego Ninjago and loved it. I went to all the conventions and everything. Gosh I was such a nerd 😳

  11. Ack, yes! Webkinz and LEGO!! XD I loved/love them!! Sadly, I only found out about Calico Critters when I was too old but I still gush about how cute they are! I liked LPS but I didn't get very many. Just an adorable goat and bird. XD
    I also enjoyed Barbies and Polly Pocket. Me and Koolest came up with the CRAZIEST stories with them. xD Ha, one of our stories with our stuffed animals were that they were having a war. XD It was quite funny actually. Oh, and Tinkerbell was the bad guy in the war. XDDD

  12. animal jam, (lol) beanie babies, Roblox, Money Town (little kids game on a disc lol) Zoom beanies (all the games) zoo tycoon, rollarcoaster tycoon , And more lol

    1. :0 I loved Zoo tycoon and rollercoaster tycoon too! I forgot to put it in my comment, but I had this small obsession with zoo tycoon 2 when I was 10, and still play it (now with mods) and RcT3.


    2. Lol. I still play with all those games except for Money Town cuz it doesn't work anymore :( lol, oh I forgot! Jumpstart Language! LOL lots more.. anddd... We went to the beach just Grandma and me game. And green eggs and Ham. lol I don't get Webkinz to me they are kinda freakiy. lol no offense to anyone btw XD

    3. OOPS, and dolls, and as I called them 'curly hair dolls' the ones that are made out of glass. Lol, but my SISTER broke PEGGY my favorite doll so then I cried, and asked my mom if I could burry her in a kleenix box! DON"T ASK I was little! LOL and baby dolls too

    4. aND LEGOS, gosh I keep commenting!

  13. omg why did I say Webkinz are freaky?? I was thinking of something else lol


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