Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Snow Leopard Fan Art + Fox Fan Art

Huge thanks to meganfurryfun37 for giving me this beautiful masterpiece of my snow leopard! ^.^

Also, big thanks to leora320 for this adorable masterpiece of my fox! :D


  1. :D :D :D

    --Incredibly long comment by AJKraft/Meganfurryfun37

  2. Wow! I love how you did the eye for the snow leopard, meganfurryfun37! I will soon be sending art, it is not exactly fan art, but art to you Naffy!

  3. Awesome! Also, I just submitted my photos for the contest through email. Did you get a them? One of them was a Albino Alligator if it helps.

    1. Sorry, I just got email not too long ago so, I always wanna be sure it goes through.

  4. Uh, you already put that fox masterpiece on another post. :)
    - Sixty58


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