Thursday, July 21, 2016

625K Views Party Invitation

Hey! As you may already know, we recently hit 625,000 views, which calls for a PARTY! :D

Sadly, I will be gone for a bit over a week, and then I return for two days, and then I leave for another week, so I won't be posting much within the next few weeks. Wow, that's a lot of ''weeks''. xD

I'm going to stay at a condo with my friend, then I'm going to a summer camp, then I'm going to another camp at a lake, and lastly I'm going to stay at a hotel with our neighbors. From here on out, our summer is pretty much packed. I'm excited to go on all these trips, but also sad because I'll miss you guys. :(

Anyway, enough of that sappy stuff. Since I'm so busy, I'm going to have to host the party later this afternoon. I know it's on short notice, but at least y'all know why.

I hope this works out... ugh, I'm just so sad I won't be seeing you guys for a while...

I'll try my best to take lots of pictures and videos while I'm gone so you guys can check out all of my adventures.

Welp, that's it for now! Hopefully the update arrives early today.


  1. I'm gonna try to make it !! that's noon for me

  2. Noooooo I cant come because that'll be late at night for me DX

    By the way, I know this is utterly irrelevant but I just saw your 'plush lobster' video, and when I was in Boston last year I saw those exact lobster plushies. But sadly they were for sale in a store place which is one of my worst memories, because there were LIVE CRABS AND LOBSTERS stacked in tanks.. Yeah, I was scarred.
    End of random irrelevant life story.


  3. You actually chose an amazing time for it! This way it doesn't get in the way of my party!

    My party:

    Cookie0417 from the AJ Starswirl

  4. Aww, today? I'm in a hotel room in Chicago so it looks like I'm not coming. :(

  5. Yay! I can come for once... and I will bring my new sloth with me o3o -Frizzy-

  6. Aww, I'll miss you and your daily posts! <3 Hope you have fun, though!
    Oh, snap. I am probably not going to be able to go. It is RIGHT in my lunch hour... :( Well, have a great party, guys! ^-^

  7. Aww! Boo! I just realized my party is before yours! I'm sorry. :( I have to attend my own before I can attend yours.

    Cookie0417 from the AJ Starswirl.

  8. Aww, I'll miss you! Hope you have fun though:) I should be able to make it unless I forget.

  9. Yes I can come! It's right after my summer camp!

  10. Yay! My first AJW party! I'm so excited I can finally come!

    -Pinpun (Animal Jam Sage)

  11. I'll try to make it, one question though: What time is it in EST?

  12. I couldn't make it because I was swimming at the time of the party. Can you give a notice before the party about like 2 days before?

  13. NO! I REALLY don't want you to leave, Naf! For how long will you be gone?


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