Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 176: Pet Goats

Hey Jammers! ^.^ Today is an update day! Let's check out the Jamaa Journal and see what's new.

Pet goats have arrived in the Diamond Shop! BEHHHHH!!!
I tried to make a goat sound. XD

The Monkeys Only Party is back! I wonder if anything has changed since it vanished a while ago. I've always liked the ''only parties'' - I hope they make more in the future. :)
The Freedom Party will be leaving soon, so be sure to stock up on freedom items, because they won't be back until next year! I haven't made it to the Freedom Party yet, isn't that sad? :c It's either never on when I'm online or it's on and I just forget to go.

Arctic foxes are half off at the Diamond Shop THIS WEEK ONLY! Get an arctic fox while the price is low!

It looks like sloths are going to be the next animal! I was kind of hoping for red pandas, but they don't have long legs. Most people guessed it was a sloth, though. I wonder what they'll look like in Animal Jam... hmm...

Cheetahs will be leaving on July 21st, so you'd better get a cheetah while you can.

That's all for this update. How would you rate it out of five stars?



  1. I'd honestly give it a 2. They're were only like two new things, pet goats and just announcing that the new animal is a sloth. The rest is reminders or just bringing back something old. Hopefully the next update will be full of amazing things!

  2. I have a cheetah. I cheetahed to get it sense I'm a non member ;) sadly I cannot use them becuz I am not a member ;( Btw Graciepopstar91 put something on her blog thats really cool, (theanimaljamfriendshipcomnnity)

  3. 2 :( There is absolutely nothing for me to get panicked on AJ. This is worse then the Pet Horse update. Grr

  4. Review of the update-
    Page 1- Almost no one actually uses pets
    Rest of the pages literally add nothing.
    0 out of 5 lol

    1. OMG PETS ARE THE BEST THING IN AJ IF I WAS MEMBER GO TO MY DEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it's not petty right now though :( ) DON'T INSULT PETS! (lol sorta)

    2. I was a member from November 2012-January 2016 and the only time I actively used pets was when I decided to fill my entire pet inventory with pet ponies because reasons. Trust me, pets aren't all they're cracked up to be.

    3. But, that's only my opinion. You are most certainly entitled to you're own opinion.

    4. Auto correct always trying to make me sound fancy and spell "your" "you're" when it doesn't have to be >: (

  5. 0 out of 5 literally 3 of the pages are things that happen in every update: Some animal leaving/ coming back, diamond advertisement, party advertisement. Nobody cares about pets and they're not interesting anymore. Pretty much the only thing that could be considered exciting is a new animal, but then again sloths are probably going to be in the Diamond Shop and we get new animals so often now that they're not that fun anymore.


  6. For some reason, whenever AJHQ make an update, it's no longer interesting or exciting, because whenever I log on on update day, it is always something for members, so I actually don't look forward to new updates anymore...... and I am not saying that your update posts are horrible (I like reading them), but AJHQ no longer makes update day interesting. :(


  7. Um, out of 5 stars, I would rate it 1. The only good things are pet goats and sloths.
    Though, I feel these sloths will be super unrealistic. Sloths almost never touch the ground, at least, I think, and they're so slow. Too slow to be given walking and running movements. But I suppose I'd rather have an unrealistic, fast sloths than a sloth that takes 5 minutes to move one foot. :P

    1. Yeah... but then again, we do have koalas, and koalas spend most of their time up in trees too, to stay safe from predators. But a slow-moving animal such as a sloth might look kind of strange in a fast-moving massive multiplayer game.

  8. Could it be? Yes it is.

    The pony update 2.0

    Lol goats are identical to the animal. AND CHEETAHS ALREADY LEFT AND CAME BACK GEEZ AJHQ


  9. "In Zootopia you can be ANYTHING"

    Flash the Sloth decides to work at the Department of Motor Vehicles. So don't judge.


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