Saturday, June 4, 2016

Updates on the Unban

I'm receiving a lot of questions about the ban and the unban that I'm just going to squish it all together into one big post, so hear me out. ;p

Yesterday morning around 6:00 AM my mom received four emails stating that all of the accounts linked to her parent dashboard had been permanently banned due to "billing/membership" issues. One of those accounts was mine, two of them were my brother's and sister's, and the fourth was just a storage account.

Of course I totally freaked out and started typing a post on the AJW. I was in shock for pretty much the entire rest of the morning. I mean, if you literally just got sent two positive player plaques the day before you got banned, wouldn't you be a little surprised or even scared?

I was really mad at AJHQ for letting this happen, so I asked my mom if she would email AJHQ asking for some details, because why would AJHQ listen to a wimpy little teenager like me?

Then, at about 3:00 PM later that afternoon my mom received four more emails stating that the suspension had been lifted. Apparently an error had randomly triggered in their code database system thingy which caused a lot of accounts to subsequently get banned. I remember my friend suggested that maybe there was something wrong with the codes that came with the new AJ toys; he was right!

In addition to the lifted suspension, AJHQ also rewarded each of our accounts 5 diamonds as an apology. :)

These past few days I learned a valuable lesson: not to jump to conclusions. Sometimes AJHQ does listen to our problems and I am extremely grateful for that. ^.^

If you ever have a problem with your account, just ask your parents to contact AJHQ and have patience! c:

Stay safe and happy jamming!


  1. I am so glad this turned out for you! :D If I ever get banned for no reason, I will ask my mom to email right away. XD Thanks for telling us the details, Naf!

  2. This'll make it easier to get back! Thanks


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