Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 175: Spike Sale

Hello Jammers! Today is an UPDATE DAY! Woo hoo! :D Let's see what the Jamaa Journal has in store for us this week.

For this weekend only, you can pick up some super cool short spiked collars and wristbands in the Diamond Shop for only three diamonds each! They come in brand new colors, so don't freak out because they aren't the same spikes as the original rare ones. ^.^

My personal favorites are the teal and the purple!

Introducing Pixel Place, the all-new den! This den is pretty much a Minecraft cottage sort of thing. It looks cool though!

Pet Penguins are for sale in the Diamond Shop, and the Freedom Party has returned just in time for Freedom Day (the 4th of July). Can you believe we're already almost finished with June? o.o

Ooh! Rested on a rocky outcropping in Coral Canyons lies the new Wild Explorers Tent, where you can find videos to watch and AJ Academy experiments that you can print out and try for yourself!


You can now save and load masterpieces (thank GOODNESS!), and there is a new Zios frame available for masterpieces, too.

While the Alphas were out and about they sent us a letter, but by the time the letter got to us it was damaged. The three pieces of the damaged letter you see are clues to the next animal! Most people think it's a sloth. I wonder what sloths would look like in AJ!

And finally a hippo advertisement.

That's it for this update. Happy jamming!


  1. I'm so happy! Today was the last day of school! Everybody in my middle school started screaming when the last bell rang. Also, I was wondering if somebody could buy me the white spikes? I ran out of diamonds. I'll give you something back!-cheer

    1. Just today? My school got out on May 20 :')


    2. My school was out May 31st. :P

  2. When I saw the clues at first, I freaked out because I thought it was a flying fox, my favorite animal (or at least some kind of bat because I love bats). It's probably just going to be another cat or something :I


  3. I feel like I had something to do with this update because I was constantly screaming at AJ to add the pixel den (from play wild", new spiced dollars and a save and load feature (which actually came last update lol)

    Also, I'm 90% sure that the new animal is a sloth (remember the voting"

    Also, this is a random fact, but in the AJ insider guide, apart from having a TON of mistakes, it states that pigs were on a poll to be one of the FIRST animals in AJ, but they were outvoted. Imagine if they had won,and Cosmo was a pig o.o well, maybe not Cosmo, but ye get the idea.

    I just want chickens and ocelots. Then I will be satisfied with AJHQ lol


  4. I feeli like it is a sloth though...

  5. Guys, it might be sloth, but ajhq, sloths are not nocturnal, they are diurnal... -.-Misterfrizzy-.-

    1. Actually, I googled it. The Hoffman's Two-Toed Sloth is indeed nocturnal. So there's a strong chance it will be the sloths, the type will just be the Hoffman's Two-Toed Sloth.

  6. I think the animal is a lemur, cause some types of them are nocturnal, they kinda have long legs and they do live in trees, but sloths would be cool!

  7. ugh Naffy someone stole yeh' screenshot and made a flippidy floppidy flippin' thumnail outa' it : (
    layzee bum not gettin' their own screenshot


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