Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 174: Pigs Are Here!

Hey Jammers! You know what today is... UPDATE DAY! :D Let's just hop right into the post.

Pigs are here! And yes, they are indeed available in the Diamond Shop, but there's a twist: they only cost 5 diamonds, AND they're for all Jammers! Yippee!

Let's check out the pig actions...





Aww, so cute! <3

Ooh... a new shop? Let's go check it out...

Woah. Okay, I did NOT see that coming. Overall, the shop looks pretty nice, but for some reason AJHQ decided to change the price of the painter's easel from 1,500 gems to 2 diamonds!? What the!? o.o I'm glad I bought my easel when it was available in Epic Wonders.

But wait a minute... AJHQ also made the easel for both Non-Members and Members, too. Interesting...

Just a Play Wild advertisement. ^-^

The Bunnies Only Party is back! I wonder if it's changed at all since it disappeared? Hmm, I guess we will just have to wait and find out!

And from now on, every week, a certain animal, pet, or item in the Diamond Shop will go on sale for half price! Cool!

Make Music Day? We've never done a celebration like this before. I wonder how this will turn out!

There is a new pig mini book (cheats for the little quiz at the back of the book will be coming soon), and the classic water park den has returned, too! c:

Jamaa no longer has its spring decorations up, and the town just looks a whole lot greener. :)

Which season is your favorite in Jamaa? I love all of them... xD

Welp, thanks for reading! I'm going to go and experiment with outfits for my new pig. :3 Bye!


  1. Yay pigs are for non members!


    1. sorry I wanted to add more stuff to my comment but I was in a rush..... Anyway, I got a pig, and they are so ADORABLE!!! Although I noticed that not many people are pigs like when a new animal comes out and everyone buys them...... If you have time, check out my pig, but no need if you don't want to. You should hold a pig fashion show on this blog.


  2. I'm so glad the pigs are nonmember! We needed that:)

  3. I honestly think the pigs are better than the arctic wolves lol


  4. Naffy,
    When Goats came out I was being really smart.
    My Brain: Goats. Goats=Farm Animals, Farm Animals=Generic animals you learn when you're 4, Farm Animals=nonmember.
    So I was super hyped!
    Then they came out.
    Members Only.
    Diamond Shop
    So I was sure Piggles would not be nonmember but HOORAY! I am now saving up for a cutey wootie piggle.


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