Saturday, June 18, 2016

Liza Spies - Rogue Phantom Cheat

Hello Jammers! :)

On the Daily Explorer, there is a new contest going on right now. It's called "Liza Spies".

Liza gave you this close-up picture, and you are instructed to find that place somewhere in Jamaa and take a screenshot of your animal next to what is shown in the picture.

Why go through all of that trouble when you can just ask me? XD

Here is your answer...

The hidden place is in Kani Cove, right above the entrance to Sunken Treasures! It's a part of the sunken ship! :o

Once you've taken your picture, save it and then submit it to AJHQ through Jammer Central. Remember to label it "LIZA SPIES" to make entry sorting quicker and faster. If your photo is featured on the DE, you will win a mystery prize!

Good luck to all who plan on entering!


  1. Entering right now- thanks for your help!

  2. Thank you soooo Much! I couldn't find it on my own Its m 4th time entering into a contest! Once I even won The thumbs up plaque for the dance flash mob party in the chamber of knowledge! I hope you keep up the great work with this website! It really helped me out and I was Hoping to win the next contest with another screen shot and win many more due to this I might win that competition with your help!



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