Monday, June 13, 2016

Rare Candle Hat Glitch

Guess what, Jammers? :D Today's RIM, the Rare Candle Hat, is sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 800 gems, but recycles for 1,000 gems! That means by buying and recycling the rare candle hat, you make 200 gems profit! My friend made over 60,000 gems off of this glitch! Remember, the RIM is only available for one day, so you'd better stock up and start recycling before it's too late!


  1. IF Only I could do that with diamonds-Misterfrizzy,ness-

  2. Cool, right? Me and friends found out and we went crazy!

  3. Dear Naffy,
    I have gotten a new Wordpress account and started posting comments on here with it. For some strange reason, you don't let the comments pass through and there are only a few comments but I just wanna know why you didn't publish them. I'm commenting Anonymous this time because I really want you to publish it and reply to it.

    1. Unfortunately, that is something I cannot control. I don't believe Blogger supports Wordpress accounts, so therefore your comments aren't going through and aren't being published. Sorry! :(

    2. Aw! Boo! And there are so few Wordpress Animal Jam blogs!

  4. Because of this glitch, I went from 32,569 gems, to 220,569 gems! :O if i had known about it earlier, I would probably have tried to get 500,000. :D


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