Thursday, June 16, 2016

AJ Supports SHIPS!? + Unreleased Wheel Item + Light Up Ring

Hello everyone! :)

While I was typing up a JAG the other day to send to one of my friends, I started experimenting with the words available in the little "JAG dictionary".

It appears that you can actually type popular ships, such as #wisparri and #jisteria, in JAG's!


I mean, I guess it makes sense... if they're going to add famous Jammers' usernames into the JAG dictionary, they should probably add in the ships, too.

But what if a random Member who is rather new to the game starts trying to type the word "wisteria", and they're talking about the plant, and all of a sudden "WisteriaMoon" pops up, she/he's gonna be pretty confused, if you ask me!


When AJHQ released that little sneak peek of last week's update, they left a little Easter egg in the background. Check this out:

This is no ordinary otter, because you can see that on his feet his wearing... WHEELS!? O.O

He's like a little otter car! >:3

I wonder if we will ever see these wheels in stores. That would be super cool!

Lastly, a new wave of Animal Jam toys are appearing in stores. Remember that picture of the horse figurine with the black light ring? If you happen to buy one at your local Walmart and redeem the code, you will get this super cool virtual ring!

That's all for today, Jammers... see you later!


  1. Reasons not to troll someone
    1.Some jammers are.... well not so humored, I tried the I was hacked troll, and this guy was all like no you werent, ur lying, everybody block and report misterfrizzy!
    2. I troll traded someone so hard, they virtually cried and reported me for scamming. Well 7 days of no gifting or trading for me
    3. SOMETIMES you click the wrong button, I lost a pink short wrist by trying to troll
    4.Its not even nice :I
    -Your pal that nota lotta people(a) likea fora soma reason(a) Misterfrizzy...a

  2. The Jisteria Wisparri thing creeps me out o.o


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