Friday, June 10, 2016

How to Make the Perfect Clan Outfit!

Hi there! :)

Today, we're going to be talking about how to make the perfect Clan outfit. Several days ago I made a post on how to make the perfect Clan den, but now we're shifting into the whole costume part of Warriors role play.

Below are some tips that you may find helpful when creating a Clan outfit! Enjoy! :D

Use either a wolf or a bunny depending on what role you want to play in a Clan.

(not my drawing, I just thought it was so cute! :3)

If you want to be a warrior, apprentice, queen, elder, medicine cat, deputy, or leader, wolves are the most popular choice of animal. Although they have always been and always will be very far apart from cats in the animal kingdom, wolves are just what people like to use when role playing the Warriors books.

If you want to be a kit (baby cat), however, bunnies are the popular choice of animal, just because they're small and they look like babies, I guess. XD Again, bunnies aren't even closely related to cats, but it's just what people like to use.

The good news is, both of these animals are for all Jammers, so it's a win-win for Member and Non-Member Clanners!

Dress appropriately; keep your look natural and realistic.

True Clanners don't go around catching prey with a pink-and-blue pelt. Try to look as realistic and natural as possible, using natural colors like black, grey, tan, brown, white, perhaps even some hints of red or orange here and there. Use good patterns too. Some recommended patterns are blob, lightning, flame, etc.

Use appropriate accessories; again, keep your look natural and realistic. 

Above are some items you will commonly see on Clanners. Yeah, yeah, we all know that wild cats in real life don't walk around wearing swords on their boxes or fox hats on their heads, but accessories just makes your look interesting, intimidating, and unique.

Try to make your accessories match your pelt.

Above are two Clanners.

The one on the left has a dark grey top coat with a jet black underbelly and white patches all over. Her eyes are a minty green. Her accessories are all green to match her eyes. Perfection!

The one on the right has an all-black pelt with yellow eyes. Her spiked collar and elf bracelets are both black (actually, they're very, very dark grey, but you get the picture). Also perfection!

You don't want your cat to have a brown top coat, a white underbelly, and light brown spots all over with a light pink bow and arrows, a purple heart necklace, and a red fox hat. Those items just simply don't match.

I hope these tips were helpful, especially for you beginning Clanners. Bye Jammers!


  1. Helpful! I think my Warrior Cat Original Character, Fragileleaf -- a Medicine Cat, matches alright.

  2. Could you also do tips on how to find a good Warrior Cat name? I sometimes struggle with that. But, thanks for the tips! I wasn't sure if my heart locket was a proper Warriors clothing item. Thanks for clarifying!

    1. You can look up a Warrior Cat name generator online! That's what I like to do. :p

  3. Maybe you could do how to make your own unique main look next. Or how to be creative with your outfits.

  4. My aj user is Sahanboy and plz jag me and tell me wht part of a clan i would look like (medicine cat,warrior,kit,etc.)


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