Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Exclusive Toy-Only Pets + New Pet Checklist!

Hello! ^.^ I've got some super cool news to share with you all today!

A Jammer named troyalt1us is keeper to some very interesting-looking pets. Check these two pictures out:

I believe the first pet is a rat of some sort, and the second one is a squirrel. But rats nor squirrels were never released in the pet shop/diamond shop, so where did they come from? How did this player obtain them? 

That's right - these exclusive pets came from a code included in the new Adopt-a-Pet play houses! My guess is that this Jammer was extremely lucky and received an ultra rare pet, which came with a code that gave them two virtual pets! :o

Nothing is for sure yet, but as we collect more information, I will definitely post the updates.

Also, every time you redeem a code from the Adopt-a-Pet play houses, the pet you received in that play house will be checked off on a virtual checklist!

To access this checklist, simply go to the customization screen and click on the pets tab. Then click on the checklist to see which pets you've checked off!

The checklist tab will only appear once you've redeemed an Adopt-a-Pet play house code.

Aww. Aren't those pets just adorable!? <3 

Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope I didn't sound too confusing... >-< If you have any questions, leave a comment! Happy jamming!


  1. That's cool! To bad I can't use it till August:(

  2. They are so cute! I need to buy those little houses!

  3. Okay, yeah... that's really strange. I recommend just changing passwords, and if things get even more serious lock your account every time you log off.

  4. Those pets are very adorable! I seriously need my Walmart to get them. Oh well, I'll be patient. :)
    Amazing post!

  5. Thanks Laffy Taffy


  6. Dear Naffy, They don't have them at any of the 3 walmarts in my area.
    Does Walmart let us order them online?

    1. You can order them online at the Walmart website. :)

  7. Also Naffy, Troyalt1us doesn't just have the two pets, he has all the rare plushies. Three of the normal size and 2 of the large plushies. They have cool patterns. I have a 77 dollar gift card I will use to buy three of the houses and I hope since this is quote on quote season "1" that Animal Jam gives us a bagillion years to collect them all before season "2"

  8. Hi! I was just reading your post, and I decided to tell you what to do:
    Switch Emails
    Change your account's password
    Lock your account every time you log off
    I hope those tips work!

  9. Do u know any codes that actually give you pet squirrels and mice??? ):(

  10. I was hacked once too, and I agree with Nafari about this. Check and see if they've taken any items- like they took my headdress and nerd glasses. And most of all, change your password.

  11. Post is very informative,It helped me with great information so I really believe you will do much better in the future.
    Littlest Pet Shop Fashems

  12. :D Imma get a squirrel from trading a cricket (pet)

  13. cant understand the adopt-a-pet play houses i mean what is it?
    plz tell me i dont really know it

  14. Hi! I bought an Animal Jam pet house for my daughter, and when she went to put in the code, it said to try again. We did, and it said the same thing. We tried different ways to put in the code, and it still wont let us put it in. If we are missing something, or were supposed to do something we didn't know, please tell me what to do!

    Please reply.


    1. Hi! I'm very sorry to hear that you're having issues with a code. I suggest emailing AJHQ for support. Their email address is

  15. Hi!! I only have 10 houses. The gifts 1-96 are:

    List of Animal Jam Adopt-A-Pets Series One

    5: Lion’s Mane

    10: 3 diamonds

    15: pet firefly

    20: peacock feathers

    25: five diamonds

    30: grasshopper

    35: 7 diamonds

    40: ladybug

    50: 10 diamonds

    65: praying mantis

    80: 15 diamonds


  16. Does anybody know how much an adopt a pet costs?


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