Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Little Note

My friend, VICTORYSCREECHxD, is having some complications with her accounts and she would like to make a statement.

Hey, it's Victory here. So basically, about two days ago, someone accused me of scamming on both the AJ Whip and the SWS. They claimed that I SOMEHOW used Kingbrendan, a supposed backup account, to scam them of a Lava Glove, Dragon glove, and other things that I can't be bothered to remember. But here's the real kicker; they signed off as Dawnofsorrow, which is not only a non member account that got scammed of mostly member items, but Dawnofsorrow is a backup account of mine I created before I even obtained most of the items they mentioned. Kingbrendan is my brother who has no idea about this whole situation. Here are the links to the comment sections in which they accused me:

As you can see, their sentences are broken and their grammar is horrible. I would be obliged to think that they're a troll if it wasn't for the fact that they posted fake evidence of me scamming. Today they actually got into DawnofSorrow and supposedly spoke with Taco. When I got there, he asked us to run around at the same time. I did, but Dawnofsorrow just sat there like an idiot and didn't say anything. Then they just logged off. Now, thanks to them, Taco probably thinks that this was a hoax to get attention. I'm furious. I've locked my stupid, pointless backup and I plan to never log in again. Hopefully this has all been cleared up and they don't try some stupid lie again. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time. 


  1. Ack, this must be FRUSTRATING for you, Victory! I visit the SWS every day, so I might help you guys fix this problem. However, my chat group has been in drama MANY times with SWS, and we might get into more drama. They know me as CosmicKitty from Meloetta's Animal Jam -- Hard Mode chat box, and on Xat (their chat box), I'm CosmicKitty as well.

    If you need me to help, I'm always here!

  2. Hey, Victory! It's totally fine. I saw those comments and thought they were iffy looking. Also, even though I just met you a couple days ago, I don't think you are the hacking type. :) I will keep an eye out for anyone who pretends that.


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