Tuesday, June 14, 2016



  1. Is that a graphic? Cool!!! Can you do one for my wolf Darling Prettywolf, no pressure though, but I won't be able to do anything with it. Also, I notice that whenever you make a new post, it says it is at 12:00pm, aren't you at school (not meaning to sound rude)? I mean, I know it is summer holiday for you, but in your other posts, it's at 12? Is it like you write the post beforehand, and it posts at that time?


    P.S I think my wolf has a different name but I only have one wolf anyway, and it's okay if you don't make one for me. :)

    1. Sure, I'd love to make a graphic for you! Just meet me in my den sometime and I'll get straight to work. ^.^

      And about the posting... yes, sometimes I do schedule my posts, just so you guys can get the most out of the Animal Jam Whip with every new post that is made. :) Other times I just simply post when I can!

    2. Um...... I am not able to meet you in your den...... you see.... I don't live in America, so I when I play, it is around 10:00pm your time.... and I don't play that much, I play other games most of the time...... sorry, maybe you can just get the wolf from my player card, or not doing it at all is fine :)

      Sorry that I forgot to mention it last time..... *Idea pops in head* Or..... since you are a member, maybe you can try and dress up as me (I am guessing that you have the same colored bow and arrow as mine, and it's okay if you don't.), then do whatever you need to do. I know, it's sounds a bit weird and impossible, but that's the only way I can think of. Also, I am unable to buddy, we have strict house rules :( hope you understand..... sorry


    3. Oh, that's alright, I totally understand. Don't feel bad, you're totally fine. :) I'll try and see what I can do!

    4. Thanks! :)



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