Monday, June 13, 2016

Animal Jam Toy FAQ

Q: What can I get from the codes that come with the new Animal Jam toys?

A: You can get a variety of items, gems, and even diamonds! It all depends on what toy you purchase. If you purchase a stuffed plush, you will get an in-game virtual plushie. If you purchase a play set, you will get cool items for your den/animal. Often times you will get gems and occasionally diamonds, too!

Q: Where can I purchase Animal Jam toys?

A: Right now, you can find Animal Jam toys at your local Walmart. They will most likely be found in the toy department.

Q: I can't find them at my local Walmart! Where are they!?

A: The toys probably haven't arrived to that specific location yet. If you can, try a different Walmart near you!

Q: Will the Animal Jam toys be coming to other countries besides the US?

A: Yes! In fact, Animal Jam toys will be available in toy stores like Smith's and The Entertainer throughout the UK later this month, and Canada this upcoming August!

Q:  How much do the toys cost?

A: That depends on the product and the local sales tax.

Q: Are the items that come with some codes for all Jammers?

A: Yup! Just like any other promo code, the prizes are for both Non-Members and Members.

Q: Can the codes be used more than once?

A: No.

Q: Which toys come with which codes?

A: The codes are distributed randomly throughout the toys, so you never know what you might get!


  1. Cool! I hope I get an item. I really want one of those toys! >.<


  2. The entertainer is my sacred place. THANK YOU AJ.

    Now kids are going to stare at a teenager buying webkinz AND derpy figures. Preparing my hobo box for my next camping trip ;)


  3. Love the name of the blog XD it makes me want whip cream 😋

  4. Love the name of the blog XD it makes me want whip cream 😋

  5. I will ask my mum to take me shopping in the summer! (The Entertainer is there.)



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