Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Animal Jam Spotlight: madjasterxyz

Hi people! :P

Today's Tuesday and blahblahblahblahblahblah... it's another ANIMAL JAM SPOTLIGHT!

I don't know whether or not I'm going to be continuing this series or not just because it's getting kind of boring for me to type up these posts and I'm also running out of people to post about. :/ Oh well, we'll see how it goes for the next couple of weeks.

Today we're going to be spotlighting madjasterxyz, formerly known as madjaster.

Back in 2011, 2012, and a bit of 2013, madjaster was extremely famous and popular. He was the leader of a huge AJ Clan and, like how there are always people in WootMoo's den, there were always people in his den, roleplaying. He also was well-known for his rares. 

He got banned multiple times during his time on Animal Jam, despite the constant username changes.

I don't think madjaster even plays Animal Jam anymore. Some say he quit because he was sick and tired of the large amount of publicity he was getting. Others say he got bored of the game and went to college.

Whatever the reason, he still has an account and people are still upholding his legacy by roleplaying in the nice Clan area he's set up. :)

Thanks for reading today's spotlight post! Happy jamming!


  1. Gosh the nostalgia. I have nothing else to say lol.


  2. Yeah, its unfortunate that you're running out of ideas. :l

  3. Maybe you can do WisteriaMOON next for Jammer Spotlight?

    1. That's a great idea! Wisteria has changed alot in the past while.

      Also, a spotlight on Mel would be cool, like when she was hacked, and didn't she use to be a bit famous?


    2. You could also do Cami Carver's dad, Pat Carver! I would like to know more about him!

    3. I already did a spotlight on him (Pat Carver) several weeks ago. ;)

  4. Maybe you could start doing AJ bloggers

  5. I actually saw Madjasterxyz once. He came on and then logged off after a few minutes. I managed to take a picture though

  6. Then I bet Graciepopstar91 would be first! I LOVE her blog! She also put my D.E story on! :D

  7. Huh, I didn't know any, okay, MOST of this! I knew he was a host of a great ThunderClan, though, and when his den is unlocked, I sometimes go there! People tend to be crazy random there though... Oh well. I can't blame em, I love randomness!
    Also, I think he gets on sometimes, as his den changes a bit, but probably not for very long at all.

  8. Man, those were the days... But I got bored and quit clanning already. So... If ya'll want to know more about the Warriors Role-Play community, just go to Animal Jam Clans Wiki. o3o


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