Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Animal Jam Toys of the Past

Hi Jammers! Welcome back to the Animal Jam Whip for another post! ^_^

Since the release of the new Animal Jam toys (I know, it's all the rage these days!), I thought it would be fitting to post about some Animal Jam merchandise that you can no longer purchase from the AJ Outfitters OR shopping superstores like Walmart, for example.

So, without further ado... wait... keep waiting... KEEP ON WAITING... let's get into it already!!!

Sidekix Plushies

A company named Zoobies partnered with Animal Jam in 2012 to produce these six adorable "sidekix" plushies. Sidekix is a brand of plush (created by Zoobies, of course) where the plush can turn inside out and zip up into a little ball. These plushies also came with a code that would unlock a virtual item, namely Epic Plushies. I own the wolf and the crocodile. :)

Epic Wolf Poster

Animal Jam posters were for sale on the Animal Jam Outfitters site for a little while. I believe the only poster available was this wolf poster. My family won this poster, as well as a bundle of other Animal Jam merchandise, at an auction one year. o3o

Animal Jam Keychain

This keychain was available for purchase on the AJ Outfitters site in 2013. I own this keychain as well and I often wore it on my backpack during elementary school to show off my AJ pride. XD


Stickers were also available for purchase on the AJ Outfitters site during the year of 2013. The stickers, posters, and keychain were all released at the same time in the same update. c:


These t-shirt designs were replaced with the t-shirts you see now in the modern AJ Outfitters. Unlike all of the other merchandise I've listed above, I do not own one of these t-shirts. :P If I had to choose a favorite, though, I'd probably get the pink wolf one or the dolphin tricks one.

Help Save Big Cats Wristbands (Play Wild Fund Wristbands)

Play Wild Fund Wristbands

Believe it or not, these bracelets have been available for purchase for a long time, almost three or four years, in fact! They used to be called "Help Save Big Cats Wristbands", but now they're called "Play Wild Fund Wristbands". Why the unusual name, you ask? 40% of the net proceeds from each purchase will go toward big cats conservation efforts. ^.^

One thing I don't get about these wristbands is that they're supposed to be limited edition, according to what the description says on the AJ Outfitters site. But if these wristbands have lasted over a couple of years, more than any item on this list, why are they labeled as "limited edition"? o.0

I just so happen to own these wristbands, too. What a surprise. :3

That's it for this post! I hope you enjoyed taking a little blast to the past in the Animal Jam Outfitters world, hehe. Thanks for reading, and happy jamming!


  1. Ok, small story time. I bought a wolf sidekix (My sister did too) and they made the codes for the plushies AFTER we bought them. Before that, the stupid little code gave you maybe 1 or 2 thousand gems. Needless to say, i was preeeetty mad when a few months (i think) later they added that update.

  2. I had the wolf sidekix, but all I got was 3000 gems -Misterfrizzy-

    1. You probably bought it before they added the new codes to it, just like bonecrushingwolf did up there. ^

  3. Once my sis told me there was a Animal Jam TV Show? Do you know anything about that?

    1. Hmm... there MAY be an Animal Jam TV Show in the production right now, but that's not very likely. There never was an Animal Jam TV Show in the past, but that doesn't mean there won't ever be one! ;)

    2. There was a TV show called Animal Jam, it wasn't produced by AJ or NGK. It was like a toddler show.-cheer

  4. Hi, I Was Wondering, How do you get the sidekix?

  5. They are no longer in stores, but you may be able to find one on ebay. However the code will probably be used already :P


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