Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy (Webkinz)

The yearly Wacky Zingoz celebration is finally here! The common tradition of scoring over the 600 yard mark in the popular game Wacky Zingoz is all about strategy and timing. Here's how to do it!

When you click on Wacky, he jumps from the tree, in hope that Zangoz will hit him with his bat. Click Wacky to start, then click again on Zangoz to hit him. When Wacky is about shoulder-length to Zangoz, that's the best time to hit. If you can hit right at the point where Wacky is in front of Zangoz's teeth, you are bound to get a score between 500-600+.

Wacky does a series of poses in the air, depending on how well you smacked him. If Wacky is in this superman position, soaring through the clouds, you know you might get lucky.

Wacky will bounce by some flowers between the 500 and 400 mark. If you can hit Wacky perfectly enough for him to bounce in the middle, or at least very close to the middle of the flower patch, you definitely know you have a good chance!

Hooray! Once you pass the 600 mark, a special trophy will appear in your dock, and you are officially apart of the "club". ^.^

This is what the trophy used to look like. But this year they changed the design of the trophy, and now it's called the Master-Blaster 600 trophy.

The old version is now more valuable, and the new version is just as cool. :) Thank goodness I have both!

Good luck everybody! I really recommend Webkinz as another game for Animal Jam players. c:


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