Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sad and Good News

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is a Stone Lamp, carved specially for the Outback Imports. ^o^

I really, really like this item. I might buy it. =3

Alright, everyone. I have some unfortunate news.

Every year I host a plushie blog. That blog only lasts about a summer long.

And just like Afro Fox and Chicken Wolf, I am discontinuing the Krystal Way.

It's for the better. I already have so much to deal with. You guys have no idea how many hours and effort I put into making contests, parties, gadgets, pages, and other enjoyable things for you.

With lots of blogs to keep updated with, one less will make my life a whole lot easier.

I've decided to leave up the blog until next Wednesday when school begins, so you can take a look at the old posts. When the 20th comes, the blog will be gone for good.

Also, my friend Cottoncandy quit yesterday. :( We will miss her a ton.

To lighten the mood, I do have some good news!

I might prepare a life blog about me. That's only if school goes smoothly, and my life isn't too rushed.

I'm starting a graphic sale, because making those teeny squishy graphics are so much fun! :D

The party invitation will hopefully be made today as well. 

Before I end the post, I wanted to say something:



Thank you, and jam on!


  1. S-so you're quitting? DX I was afraid this would happen. Please, Naffy, keep this blog. You're just going to delete it? Keep it. As a memory. When you're gone... We had good times. :)

    1. I'd just like to say this is an AMAZING blog and it has come SO far. You are a great blogger, ya hear? :)

    2. She's just quitting The Krystal Way.


    3. Yeah, I'm still keeping this blog up. Not the Krystal Way. :c

    4. If you do a graphic of my fox, I will hug you.
      If you do a burger graphic, I will hug you even though I hate fast food? However, since you did it! I'll hug you no matter what you make.

    5. There's already a burger graphic on the graphics page.

  2. Wait, school starts next Wednesday?! Nooooo!!!! Summer break is way too short!! XD And it's ok, Naffy, if you quit the Krystal Way. I understand that we need to lighten our lives too. Especially when school is starting. And I know how much effort you put in this blog. You put a whole lot of your effort to make this incredible blog and you're just twelve years old. I'm thirteen and I can barely make a blog. XD -ca1412

  3. Wait so your not quitting the ajw?

  4. Noooo D=


    1. Why does everything think I'm quitting the AJW? I'm quitting the Krystal Way... e0e


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