Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Be a Fruit Loop (Part 2)

Hey Jammers! Today, the Peck Portrait has arrived! Hopefully tomorrow we will see Greely. :3

I enjoy how all the frames match the Alpha's personality. It makes collecting wall art fun!

Today's clue is the letter E. That finishes the first two words: RARE SPIKE. But, nobody knows for sure whether the spike is a wristband or collar. Which do you prefer? ^_^

I made a point about "being a fruit loop" last week, but I learned that you can compare this habit to AJ.

It doesn't take long to notice that Arctic Wolves are just as overrated as spikes.

When you combine the two together, they look a little like this:

There are other outfits with Flower Crowns and Baseball Hats, but these are the most common.

Typically, whenever a Jammer gets a spiked collar, they create these looks for their Arctic Wolves, thinking they'll be officially apart of the "rare" people group. Honestly, after a while, the look gets dull and boring. WHY?


Same thing with the lacey, floral shirts my classmates wear.

Remember to let your inner self shine through, and don't be afraid to be you!


  1. I see lots of arctic wolves wearing sunglasses. I don't know if they're trying to look like Julian2, or if they're just trying to look cool. Also, yesterday I saw an arctic wolf with sunglasses, and I offered a a rare shark fin for it. And he declined. Then I tested him and offered two rare spike collars, and two beards for it. (WAY OVERTRADE, OBVIOUSLY) And he actually said no!!! Then he said that he needed them to look like Julian2. I know this sounds like I'm lying or exaggerating, but it's all true! XD

  2. i made a poster about that, maybe i can can post it on my blog :)

  3. :) Proud to be a fruit loop! That is very true, they are very popular outfits. It's strange that everybody wants to dress like that. I'd rather be my own thing that I like, not what EVERYONE likes. My outfits for my animals are very unique. And very very silly XD

    Today was orientation day for me, and let me just say, it was deppressing and stressful. I've never used a combination lock before, and it took SO LONG before I finally got the hang of it. Even now I don't think I'm 100% sure how to do it :P

    ~wolfy A FRUIT LOOP! :D

    1. I'm just proud to be me.

      Not fruit loops. I'm not edible and I don't want to be eaten. XD

    2. Wolfiepaws, don't worry. After the first few days of middle school, everything will come to you and it'll be a piece of cake- usually. XP

    3. Something I hate about middle school -- running around a huge campus to go to the next class and being yelled at because the classroom is at the other end of the campus.


    4. @rainbow
      Are you SURE you're not edible? *nibbles a little bit on rainbow* :P Yuck. Ya, you're right. Not edible. XD
      Thanks. I hope so. XD

  4. Nafaria what's a beta blanket worth? Cause I traded mine for a short orange spoke collar... Was that fair?

    1. You got ripped off. I've been offered 2 founders for mine.

      ~A fellow jammer

    2. A Beta Blanket (ROB as few people call it) is worth a lot more than it used to. Same thing with Beta Tiaras and Glitched Rings- all those went up in rarity. So, yeah, umm... that trade wasn't fair. Sorry. :(

  5. Almost every single arctic wolf I ever see has a spiked collar on it. Aren't rare things supposed to be things that there aren't many of? They aren't that rare if EVERYONE has one lol
    It's almost the same with penguins. Almost every penguin I see has nerd glasses and a holiday sweater
    What ever happened to originality?

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! c:

      I miss all the creative looks. Now everyone just tries to look RARE, when they really already are. :L

  7. IM A FRUIT LOOP AND IM PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw lilac petal at x's today naffy btw!

  8. Stinks, you know.

    Everywhere you go, they're all like: OH. LOOKIE. I'M DANCING AND I'M AN ARCTIC WOLF, WEARING SPIKES, FAB FAB. Then they're usually promoting stuff.

    Anyway, I'm, once again, not against all members. I always try to design an equality of beauty and grace, touch in design to each of my different animals, whether you like it or not, I do.

    Yes. In class, we're basically all different.
    Except on some thoughts.

  9. Naffy yayayay coming back in 2 daya. Just went swimming :)

  10. I don't like Froot Loops and I've never had a Frosted Flake so I am a Coco Puff instead!

  11. Ugh, it's annoying how arctic wolves always wear spikes and sunglasses. They don't even look that good, honestly!

  12. Nafaria, is a short green spike collar, long yellow wrist, panda hat, (black with red eyes) and a silver party hat fair for a long orange spike collar? Or was that an over?


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