Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hi there! Today, a treasure from the humid jungle has appeared in Jam Mart Clothing. Only for those who seek to behold its dazzling power, be sure to purchase the all-new Vine Anklet!

Basically, the dainty vine just wraps around your animal's front paw. Lovely!

A while ago Webkinz hosted a Design-A-Dog contest. I didn't enter it, but I use the outline of the dog to create my OWN dogs! Here's the one and only design I've made:

It's not the best, but the fluffs around the paws are little boas hooked onto the pink and purple fabric. Then the dog has a star-shaped beret by its ear, possibly covered in shiny rhinestones or glitter. Yes, the dog is girly, but most girls play Webkinz and NOT boys. owo

I've wanted to talk about past rares. It may take you by surprise, but these items were actually VERY RARE in 2011-2012. First off, Bat Glasses.

I'm not certain (I need Mel or Repti to refresh me on this), but I believe Bat Glasses were highly sought after ages ago. They were super rare, until they were re-released later.

Yes, HEART LOCKETS used to be very rare as well. Everyone went bogus when they were released again.


I know Mel remembers this craze quite vividly. For literally a YEAR, Jammers were PSYCHO. Just as they are with Rare Spikes! Thankfully, to stop all the drama and trouble Top Hats were causing, they were released for a second time.

I joined Animal Jam during the Glove Gamble. These interesting leg items are no longer as rare as they used to be in 2011.

Last but not least (to end this post >.<), the Scary Bat Wings! Few players owned these extremely valuable items, until they were released in the Sky High game. But, they were still tough to earn, so when Adventures came out, the wings came out, too.

That's the whip!


  1. I remember the batwings when they were very much wanted..

  2. I still like gloves, even if they had lost their rarity a second time when they were a RIM. I collect them! XD

    1. Me too. Items look cool because they look great on animals and they have great attacks. Mostly, I like gloves because of their looks.

  3. Police hats were once super rare too!

  4. There is more I want to say but mobile is giving me problems so I'll wait until I get home

  5. Gloves reappeared three time in shops. I was pretty much amazed myself that gloves became the Monday Rare TWICE!

  6. Ugh. I'm still upset nafaria!

  7. Jammer, you should calm down. It was just a little post! No need to fuss over it!


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