Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Heart Without Shine

Hiya! Today's new item is the Hummingbird Balloon Hat, sold in the Summer Carnival.

Okay, no pressure, but I think this tops ALL of the Balloon Hats. Even the flamingo one!

Look at this graphic I made of my eagle. ^.^

If any of you have requested a graphic (point-point to Violet and Sealy), I'll need you online to make it. :)

Nobody can forget the party in 2 days, right? :P

I told you guys a story yesterday, so I'll tell another one. Thankfully this won't be as disturbing.

It was back in 1st grade. I had just started a whole new school with whole new expectations. Well, one day my friends Abby and Antonio were sitting by a full-grown tree on the field. I gasped when I noticed a shimmering gemstone buried in the soil. We three spent weeks trying to dig the stone out. When it finally popped out of the moist earth, my generous friends let me keep it. The gemstone turned out to be a heart pendant with a turquoise gem inside it.

It was so pretty. I decided to keep it safe- forever and ever.

Until Kimberly Kirby saw my stunning charm.

Kimberly walked up to me and said, "Hey! My mom makes those charms. If you want, you can trade me your charm for a sparkly, purple charm."

Being the clueless, young 6-year-old I was, I thought about the offer. Whoa, a sparkly charm!? Who knew!

I ended up giving her my precious charm at the end of the school day. "Thanks!" she said with an evil grin. "I'll bring you your sparkly heart tomorrow."

And guess what?

She never brought it.

I suppose you could call this a "real-life scam". Because, well, it was!

I'm horrible at forgetting mistakes made by people in the past, therefore I continue to hold a grudge on Kimberly to this day.

It was a very cruel move, and now that I'm older and wiser, I know much better. I'm still angry at myself for letting my prized possession get taken by a sinister girl.

I asked and asked Kimberly each day, "Did you bring it? Did you bring it?" 

Her excuse was always, "Oops! I forgot it. I'll bring it tomorrow."

The same thing happened throughout the entire school year, and eventually I gave up. My heart was gone. :,(

Thanks for reading... bye! :c


  1. i would figure out her phone number then call her mother and tell your mom

  2. Balloon: OMG It's so awesome!
    Eagle graphic: Nice!
    Party: Woohoo! Can't wait!!
    Story: That is SO mean! I can't believe that girl.

  3. From my young ages, I always ask someone to bring it first. I don't really trade my precious objects because I'm obsessed with my items when I was young, except if I go sharing stickers and all.

    When I was first grade, I learned how to just be evil to others.

  4. that was so mean i would kill that girl if i were u LITARALY

  5. what the wat i had a real lofe moment just like yours xd!! omg! so cool!!


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