Friday, August 22, 2014


It's time to post now. I'm SICK OF THIS DRAMA!

Okay, just recently my great buddies pink200330, kittens1111, and MythCat2907 caught creepersofthenethter scamming.

He was using an unlikely scam that goes like this:

ihatepotatoes: MY LIST FOR A BLACK SCARF! (His list had a bunch of his rares on it.)
Worstanimallover: BLACK SCARF ON MY LIST!
Random Jammer: Ooh! I'll trade you my tan carpet for your black scarf so I can get Potato's rares!

(Random Jammer trades Worstanimallover their tan carpet. Worstanimallover accepts.)

Random Jammer: Hooray! Now I can trade Nethter the black scarf he wanted. :D

(ihatepotatoes and Worstanimallover leave.)

Random Jammer: HEY! I WAS SCAMMED! :,(

Turns out Potatoes and Worst are both the same person. This is a complicated but unknown scam, so a lot of people fall for it.

Frantically, my buddies scurried to my den and explained what they had seen. I was bewildered. The one friend I had gained so much trust in betrayed us all. Ha, how ironic! A scammer leads the AJSG, a scam-fighting gang. :I

Later that day, we caught him scamming again in Coral Canyons.

I talked with Nethter before deleting him. He claimed it wasn't "scamming", as of a rule by the so-called AJSG. Uh, SOMEONE NEEDS TO VISIT THE DOCTOR! Taking another person's items is WRONG. In case you didn't know, MOST OF US CALL THAT SCAMMING! -.-

This morning I STILL had Nethter on my list, but I thought it was best to remove him. So I did, but I realized I made a bad mistake. I could have spied on him, to see if he was gonna scam again.

I sent him another buddy request, and he accepted. He was at his den, chatting with breazia, darkfang900, and KatnisstheWolf (I think) about getting revenge on kittens1111.

Nethter "missed" Kittens a lot, so he was angry at her for deleting him. I told him getting revenge on Kittens was wrong, but breazia tried to cover up their scheme.

I caught it on camera. :) Sorry if it's hard to see, but I promise you, he did actually say that.

After that, I logged off for a while, but when I logged back on this afternoon, I discovered Kittens had added him back.

I asked her, "Why did you add back that horrible scammer?"

She responded, "He swore not to ever scam again."

My apologies, but people lie in this world, especially evil scammers like Nethter. Pink, Mythy and I KNEW he was behind something.

I told Kittens to be careful, but every time I tried to talk to her she was being pulled like a magnet to him. :( I was depressed.

Now, Nethter is spreading lies about me. DON'T BELIEVE THEM. He is untrustworthy.

Also, here are a few other reasons I deleted you, Nethter:
  • You always were too busy gabbing with those AJSG members. You barely have any time for any other buddies besides breazia, darkfang900, and KatnisstheWolf. I bet you ANYTHING they scam too.
  • Even though I asked and asked you to please, please PLEASE stop cussing, you never did. I never wanted you to do that around me. I don't like it. :C
  • A couple of your ex-buddies and I have a big suspicion you are behind embo0. You and embo never talk at the same time, you each move separately, and I'm guessing you made the whole "LilacPetal" chaos up.
You did this to me, but whatever you say will be used against you. Have a nice day. :T Oh, one more insult: AJSG should be totally renamed Animal Jam Scam Group.


Everyone knows DewDropReptile, right?

Well, if you knew him good enough, you would know rumors are spreading across a few AJ blogs.

These blogs include RATH, FATE, and AJW. I bet there could be more.

Here is one for example:

This unkindly Anonymous states that Repti is a suspect for hacking, scamming, bullying, and generating. :I

Before I move onto my rants, I want to tell the entire story first.

Repti was a player in the Beta Days. In fact, he was a Guide. Now, AJHQ DID hire some kids to be Guides, so Guides weren't only adults.

Since he was a Beta Tester, he used to have a main account where he kept all of his Beta stuff on. He had rares galore- masks, spikes, Founder's....

But when he found his old account just yesterday, out of 2000 max. alts, he gave his most trusted buddies some gifts.

And Nethter was one of them.

So Repti sent him a Founder's Hat.

Later on (I think it was this morning or last night), Repti and Nethter (now tacocat101 after his so-called "hack")  were chatting in his den. A couple of my buddies and I stormed into the conversation, and Nethter noticed Repti's mask. He said it was unreleased, according to the Animal Jam Wiki, because there wasn't a picture of it on the website. :I


The mask was released, and even if it wasn't Wikipedia is one of the worse resources you can find. Anybody can edit it. Nobody is perfect.

The Internet isn't always correct. Besides, you also said to us that you thought Repti may have hacked the masks and Founder's. That's a lie that you have no proof of.

*The reason I put quotation marks on the "hack" was because I don't believe you were actually hacked. How come you get hacked several days ago on your Elf Tail, and it shows up on your animal the next day? -.-*

Today I went swimming with my friend, and while I was gone, Nethter told my buddy laurensmartpants that Repti scammed the Founder's he got. 

Nethter is spreading the rumors. It's too clear to see.

Now, before you go and say, "NAF SAID LAUREN SCAMMED HERSELF", it was a theory. I was a little suspicious about how she got her headdress back after being scammed on it, but Repti said he sent the headdress. So everything was okay.

Anyway, being Nethter's buddy, I wanted to have one last blow on him. To see if he chose friends over rares.

Repti told me he was guilty for sending him that Founder's Hat when we realized he was the one behind all this chaos.

So, as a joke, I played a prank on Nethter, saying Repti misses his old Founder and wants it back.

I was not surprised when he said this in reply:

And then he stooped as low as to make an unforgettable insult (and most likely a lie).

Baron, or Nethter, said he traded the Founder to evythecutie, and wouldn't give it back because it was apparently worth more to him.

That must have hurt Repti bad.

Nethter basically was PROUD because he had EVY'S FOUNDER. That proves he appreciates Evy's Founder more than Repti's.

Evy isn't even his friend! People who don't care about pixels would say you're an idiot. :3

To end the update, I want to say a few more things:

  • You don't know what true friendship is. All you know is fans. FANS, FANS, FANS. Fans are blind followers you like you for your blog, videos, or rares. You say you have 100 subs? I say I've got the best friends I've ever met. You want to overthrow your buddies over, hmm, evythecutie? How rude.
  • You're jealous of us. It may be friends, because you're trying to get them but you're so dumb you can't figure out how. It may be rares, because you wish to be at the top of your game. Whatever the reason is, it pesters me.
  • Remember when you sent me that contest prize? The reason I didn't send you it back after your "hack" was because I had a strange feeling you were lying. Either way, you had more donations than anyone would ever get. Yet you were ungrateful for them, after trading Repti's for Evy's. And once I found out that you recorded every conversation we had, that told me you didn't trust me. Trust is an important role in a buddy. Why did I ever forgive you...
  • I'm not sure why you think you can make me turn on my buddies. You wanted one thing-for me to turn on all my buddies so you would be my only good buddy left. Luckily, I'm not a messed-up alien from Clowntown like you.
  • I wanna really see if you're 14 like you say you are. I want to see your face. If you are 14, you're super immature. ^.^ If you're not 14, I'd still slap you with a flyswatter (not my hand because I don't want your awful germs).
We all cared for you like a REAL FRIEND! I am so angry that someone I trusted turned on us like this....


I can't believe Taco is at it for a 3rd time.

Watch this video all the through and very carefully.

It's a recent video from about a month ago. Besides, he's playing as tacocat101, so the video couldn't have been made THAT long ago.

Anyway, a brief summary of the video:

Taco blames dezarie, LPSlovegames3's sister, for scamming. Dezarie USED to scam in the past, but stopped a half a year later. Then, around 5 minutes into the video, Taco tries to scam LPS by saying, "Send me your Founder, and I'll give it back". COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Bullying is NEVER a good thing to do!

DEZARIE used to scam, and so did Taco. He scammed on the first update. Same thing!

Now check THIS out:

(The video was removed by Taco to prevent the truth from being revealed.)

Taco is playing a storage account, and he's in a scammer meeting. Get this: the lead scammer, worstanimallover, is actually Taco! Remember from the first update, when he used Worst to scam? Yup, that's him.

My guess is that Taco created this video just to gain rares, fame, credit, and notice. Taco wants PIXELS and nothing else. *bursts in laughing*

Pixels won't get you anywhere in life, if you aren't smart enough to know that.

And who CARES about your silly truce? Like Pink said, let the truce ROT! It wasn't fair from the very beginning.

I reposted and that's that.


  1. Wow I can't believe taco first he says he stopped scamming and now he's caught scamming REALLY TACO IF YOUR GONNA LIE TO THE WHOLE WORLD WHATS THE POINT JUST TELL THEM YOU SCAM AND ALL THE DRAMA WILL BE OVER GOSH WHATS UP WITH YOU!!!!

  2. Deer taco,

    I forgave you a while ago after the drama passed, but now I take it back now that more drama has sprung up. You have taken it too far. I think you have that phrase "Once a ____ always a ____" in your head. Please stop. Many hackers and scammers stopped doing what they did a long time ago. Stop using these facts from the past to support your arguments in the future. Some times it works, but in situations like this, it doesn't. I will not go as far as calling you tacobrat, because bullying a bully does not make things better, but Ido not appreciate what you've done, Tacocat.


  3. To be completely honest.... I am NOT surprised. It's so typical of him! It's a like a trend of his. And I also can't stand the irony, how defensive he is of his little anti-scamming group, when on a storage he has the complete opposite! Nafi, if I were you, I wouldn't even acknowledge him if he brings his stupid little truce of his. You've gave him one, two, THREE chances, and he blew them all! He's doing these things behind your back, hoping you won't find out. Or maybe he IS hoping you find out, like when Lps said she was recording, he replied with "great". Maybe he wants to stir up the drama again. He said AJSG was bored, so maybe he's trying to get you worked up to make it seem like you're overreacting and that you're a total brute. In conclusion, I just SERIOUSLY don't know why he's done this..... FOR THE THIRD TIME.

    Victory (Ps Taco you can rage at me all you want. You're not intimidating whatsoever, with your little recording device behind the computer screen.)

  4. Now it's time for my two cents. *sigh*.

    Soy you guys understand what a sting is? That's what that video is. I was operating the other accounts. That video was made to attract scammers. Worstanimallover is an alt that both of us routinely use to catch scammers, as they often run away when we are spotted.

    This whole thing is a misunderstanding. If you would like more info, just ask

    1. But it never did attract scammers. I thought you guys were scam-watchers, not scam-magnets.

    2. No offense, but... Could you stop acting like every scammer fears the name 'Tacocat101'? Not everyone knows you. A typical scammer wouldn't run and go "Oh my god Tacocat101 is here I better leave they might record me omg" And attracting scammers to your den and having them say they scam isn't really solid proof. And advertising a scam meeting in Jamaa Township is just going to make people think YOU'RE the scammer. And he was threatening to HACK people if they didn't scam items for him! That's like forcing people to scam to give you items, knowing they'll get hacked if they don't get a rare enough item for their precious master. It's basically like SOMEWHAT catching scammers, but at the same time stealing their items through threatening them. In a nutshell, it's kind of like scamming the scammers. I know it might stop them from scamming, but that is a VERY slim chance. Usually people scam because they've been scammed before. But anyhow, scamming is still scamming, no matter who you scam.


  5. Seriously?

    People! Animal Jam wants us to be buddies with PEOPLE, not rares!

  6. it proves he doesn't have the guts cause he deleted EVERY SINGLE SECOND of videos from his channel. (I apologize if I swear, I'm just so darn angry right now) Listen, I added you to my featured channels list because I thought YOU could be trusted and you wouldn't scam. I am wrong. I don't even get how you're a part of the RATH if you're a scammer yourself. There are tons of people (including myself) who'd love to be part of the authors of RATH, yet you're not taking it that way. Why don't you just post about yourself? I don't see how you are fourteen years old. Sure don't act like it. All you want is fame, rares and subscribers. If you really care about all of us and you ARE really going to quit, why not delete your channel?

    I'm done with my rage. Oh, and your buddy, KatnissTheWolf is a scammer, too. Generating those skullies.


    1. I'm talking to Tacosplat by the way :3

    2. He deleted his videos because he was quitting.

  7. I actually could be worse naf. XD this is only halfway.

  8. Oh my... I'm sorry, this has been the first time I've read the Whip in a while. (Sorry, Naffy! No offense!)
    I nearly cried while reading this.
    I'm lost for words.

  9. Are you freaking serious...



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