Friday, August 15, 2014

Ladybug Poo

Hi! Today's new item is now one of my FAVORITES because of its cuteness. Introducing the Ladybug Hat, made specifically for Animal Jam's mascot.

It fits funnily on the head, but still, it's adorable.

Besides, many Jammers are taking advantage of the new item. o3o

Don't forget about the party this upcoming Monday, if you haven't already seen the invitation.

For me, school starts next week, so I thought the day would be convenient... Oh well.

I don't have much to talk about, so I guess I'll tell you a little story about yesterday. It involves the bathroom.

We were school shopping for some clothes and supplies when I needed to poop. Bad. I scurried over to the restrooms in the back of the store, and delightedly sat on the toilet. At the time the song "Love Never Felt So Good" by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake was playing. During the chorus, I said: "Pooping Never Felt So Good!"

And to be honest, we all feel like that. XP



  1. lol. ists sillygir1234 again. thx for buddying me

  2. Awesome story xD
    Ladybug pack o3o

    1. Can I share my real life story?

      Yesterday we stopped at a beach and went beach combing for a bit. We found seashells! which is kinda obvious! and two claws. Yes, CLAWS. We're not sure if they came from a crab or a lobster. Ten minutes later, we saw a crab in the water. A dead crab, but a crab nonetheless. Two kids offered to help fish it out of the water with spades since nobody wanted to touch it with their bare hands. It was just so cool!

      Btw, Naffy, what would you do if a small shark was stranded on a beach?
      -Balaur Who Loves Crabs And Lobbiesters

    2. I would try to push it back into the water.

    3. Me too... Poor shark...

  3. I love dat song! I like your parody better though xD

  4. Cool parody! XD

  5. Aww i cant come to the party :( I have school

  6. hahaha lol nafaria9 that moment was funny!


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