Thursday, August 21, 2014

Otters Gone Wild

Hello Jammers! It's the crazy update day everyone's been waiting for- OTTERS!

Now, let's just log on and see the adorable squishies...

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Hold on. Did you say DIAMOND SHOP!?

NO! That wasn't part of the plan, AJHQ. Grade F! -.-

Well, everything will has its negatives, but at least we can try to look for the positives. There's a new guide book in the Chamber of Knowledge that you can use to learn more about otters. The Conversation Museum has collections of information, videos, and pictures to keep you entertained as well.

The Sol Arcade's arcade machines are all on a big sale for HALF OFF! :D And after you purchase those games, why not gather some buddies and play the Hard Mode version of Turning the Tide?

Tavie is the newest Alpha- and the first ocean Alpha. I love her undersea Mechanical Angel Helmet, or whatever that is. XD

Not to put any pressure on Smart Bomb, but I don't think anybody really has an interest in Animal Jam Outfitters anymore. I have 2 Sidekix plushies, the set of rubber band bracelets, sticker sheets, and a poster. AJHQ should definitely make more products, like figurines! ^.^

The chat is back to normal, but the trade system isn't. :O

Interesting layout! It looks a lot less organized, but overall I still think it's pretty sweet. Do you enjoy it?

Your clue today was the letter "E". Now you have R-A-R-E, which spells RARE! What could be this mysterious RARE item?

Last of all, the new item is a Liza Portrait. I didn't get the chance to snap a picture, but it's located in Jam Mart Furniture if you want to see it.



  1. Naffy, I have been thinking, and I think I wan to join JCSI. I sign up at the 'Our Agents' page, right? Thanks!

    1. Oh, may I maybe join too? I really wanna help you :)

  2. Omg nafaria I saw someone with a stone sword!! they said that they got it from ajgirl2003

  3. FINALLY!!! the undersea creatures have a alpha! she reminds me of winter from a dolphin tale.... winter has no tail until the mechanic (or whatever he is) made a "tail" from her! what do you think naffy?

    1. and i also think... THAT THE NON MEMBERS SHOULD GET A NEW AND COOL- LOOKING ANIMAL. i was a nm, and i think they deserve more even though members keep the game running >:(


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