Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello everybody! Big apologies for staying an extra day. Eh, it's life- no need to be truly sorry, right?

Well, the posting schedule this week might be a little bumpy. But, you can hopefully expect:

-A new Krystal post
-Quote Contest for 140,000 Views
-A Party for 140,000 Views

I can't think of anything else really. I'm gonna do some JCSI work now.

Bye! c:


  1. Yay naf could u make an announcement about my ajbday oarty this Friday at 2:30pm aj time details are on my blog on the right hand side of the blog thanks :)

  2. Hi Nafaria! Sorry I couldn't explain it to you very clearly when we met on AJ because I didn't have free chat. I'll tell you from the beggining. Around a week ago, I tried to login but it kept saying that I typed in the wrong password. So I stopped trying to log in. Around several days later, I told you I forgot my password. I told that to you because I thought I forgot my password. Now I actually don't think so though. You know when you go on your buddy list and hover over a username and it tells you how long the player hasn't been on? Well I had a secret backup account that was buddies with my main account. I went on there to see how many days I haven't been on and it kept saying that my main account went on that day. Weird. Anybody got an explanation for this? It might have been a glitch though. I contacted AJHQ, and they said my I asked them to change my parent's old email account to a new one. Later they did and I changed my password. The main reason why I "quited" AJ was that I had no choice except creating another AJ account and start all over again. But now I can get on AJ now so I'm coming back. Oh, and I'm also thinking of getting a membership. Sorry for the long comment.
    Ps. Nafaria, how would you like me to call you?

    1. Oh, sorry about the un-finished sentence. Here was what I wanted to say: AJHQ said that my password was recently changed. (I didn't change it so somebody else probably did. O.O) And yeah, I've been thinking how you would like me to call you. Example: Nafaria9, Naffy, Naf, Naffy Taffy, etc. -ca1412

    2. All of them work. I'm mostly called everything you listed BUT my full username. XD

    3. Also, I am sorry about your account malfunction. That must be very scary... D:

    4. Hmm... Maybe someone got into your parent dashboard and changed the password...?


    5. I think I'll call you by 'Naffy'. Speaking of usernames, do you know why mine is more of random numbers and letters? I first went on the National Geographic site and I saw AJ. I decided to play it for just awhile so I created a user of random numbers and letters. But then I liked AJ so much I kept on playing. XD -ca1412

  3. good morning im still sleepy XD

  4. Eeps! I just noticed I'm Jammer of the Month! Thank you ^_^
    I'm so sorry!! You better change the dash email. And yeah, call Naf anything you want XD (except for Queen of the Universe or Levi's Wife)


  5. Welcome back :3

    Did you have fun during your cousin's visit? Did you get a horse coin on your birthday?

    1. I had fun, but I don't quite understand the last question... o-o

    2. I did get a horse coin on my birthday.

  6. It was not really bad though, really. I played CS. But, no offense to the creators of CS, AJ is more fun than CS.


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