Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Huzzah for Waffles

Hello! Today's new item is probably gonna be another addition to the Ice Cream Parlor Set.

Yup, I was correct. The new item is an Ice Cream Parlor Bench. Too bad I don't have enough inventory spaces left for these delicious decorations. :,C

Have you tried the all-new ocean Adventure yet?

I think the picture above is my favorite moment in that whole Adventure. It's so funny when all the dolphin guardians swim to the right yelling "Huzzah!" XDDDD

Here's a weird thing someone said in Mt. Shiveer:

Uhh, what kind of waffles? Chocolate chip? Buttermilk? Whole wheat? Blueberry? Cinnamon?

Yeah... who knows. :P

Grr, Animal Jam is lagging again. >:I

I'm going to set up the Quote Contest now on the Contest Blog. Click the trophy button on the side of the blog to visit it.



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